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The Council of American Islamic Relations touted its Top 10 CAIR Highlights of 2006 this month. Here they are.

1. CAIR Helps Secure Release of American Journalist in Iraq

2. CAIR Influences Public Debate on Dubai Ports, Profiling

3. CAIR Educates about Islam, Declares 2006 Year of the Prophet

4. CAIR Mobilizes Muslim Voters and Gets out the Vote

5. CAIR Releases Pioneering Research on American Muslims

6. CAIR Condemns Israeli War, Examines Israel Lobby

7. CAIR Addresses U.S.- Iran Relations, Iraq, Popes Comments

8. CAIR Defends Civil Rights by Taking Legal Action

9. CAIR Challenges Islamophobia

10. CAIR Empowers Muslims by Training Students, Imams

As you can see, CAIR has been busy last year keeping relations up. But The Religion of Peace sees their highlights another way.

We notice that CAIR is featuring a list of “Top 10 CAIR Highlights of 2006” on their front page this New Year’s Eve, so we thought we would remind our readers of what CAIR would prefer people not to remember about the year that was.


CAIR supports Sami al-Arian, who then pleads guilty to assisting Islamic terrorists.

CAIR goes to the mat for Iranian President Khatami, a noted anti-Semite and Hezbollah’s chief sponsor.

CAIR shamelessly exploits Rosa Parks’ image for a measly $1000 scholarship, while adamantly refusing to condemn the Sudanese genocide against Black Africans in Darfur.

CAIR is forced into a hasty site-makeover to remove prominent anti-Semitic articles after a Muslim goes on a deadly shooting rampage at a Seattle Jewish center.

CAIR denounces the pope’s comments a dozen times, but not once the Muslim murder of an elderly nun (or the hundreds of other Christians butchered in the name of Islam in 2006).

CAIR is snubbed by liberal Senator Barbara Boxer, who rescinds an award to a CAIR official after finding out about the group’s ties to terror.

CAIR condemns cartoons, but refuses to condemn Osama Bin Laden for a fifth straight year.

CAIR ruins Keith Ellison’s Congressional career before he takes office.

CAIR refuses to denounce the killing of Americans by Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CAIR promotes a list of “Fatwas against Terror” that actually includes advocates of Islamic terror.

CAIR is forced to drop their lawsuit against Anti-CAIR for calling it a terrorist front organization after realizing that it is one.

CAIR condemns the brief arrest of Hamas leaders in Gaza, but not the forced conversion of two U.S. journalists (nor 2,276 acts of Islamic terror in 2006 that resulted in the loss of innocent life).

CAIR fails to acknowledge the victims of 9/11 on the fifth anniversary of the attacks, choosing to mark it instead with a spasm of self-pity.

CAIR condemns the Israeli “massacre” of Palestinian civilians, then has to retract its statement after finding out that they were actually killed by Palestinian explosives.

CAIR protests when a woman is asked to lower her veil at Heathrow airport the day before it is revealed that a Muslim cop-killer escaped through the airport using the veil as a disguise (CAIR then stays quiet as Heathrow implements a full ban on veils.)

Maybe these ol’ acquaintances should NOT be forgotten.

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