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Artillery Shell: $1500
AK-47: $2500
Plastic Explosives: $1000
Buying These Anonymously: Priceless!

Where do discriminating terrorists go for weapons and bomb making material? Like any good western capitalist pig – they shop online!

Pajamas Media reports that the Iranian government is maintaining an online store where one can apparently obtain everything from artillery shells to plastic explosives with only a credit card.

Among the many types of explosives that can be purchased by online buyers at the Iranian Defense Ministry Export site—reputedly with only a Visa card—are TNT, Hexogen, (RDX), Composition A, Composition B, Composition C4, Hexal, Torpex, Cyclotol, HMX, PETN, and other explosive components and weapons systems.

But not everyone has the privilege of purchasing from the Iranian eTailer. You must register. But funny thing. In the drop down menu that asks “Country name”, the US is missing. Strangely, the UK is not. You have to hand it to them. In the parlance of the marketing professional, they know their ‘target market’.

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