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Real Terror is tracking the case of what is known as the Houston Taliban. Here’s a brief synopsis of the case.

4 Whyislam and ICNA workers (coined by the media as the “Houston Taliban”) held jihad training camps on Islamic Society of Greater Houston property in Willis Texas north of Houston. The men sought firearms training in the Houston area on at least eight occasions between May 2005 and June 2006. Semi-automatic weapons were used in paramilitary training conducted by an undercover FBI agent. The men were in possession of an Armalite M15A4 rifle, a .308 rifle and a 12-gage shotgun, a Glock pistol and other weapons. The group was photographed and recorded during the paramilitary training exercises.

The plot (at least by 2 of them but known by all of them) was to travel to the middle east to join Taliban forces in their fight against US and coalition forces. At least 2 Houston Taliban members sent funds to the Taliban.

The lead member, Kobie Diallo Williams felt remorse, came forward when questioned by the FBI and cooperated. Subsequently, the remaining 3 members were arrested and charged. Unlike the others who are facing 10 years per charge, Mr. Williams will receive up to 5 years. Kobie Diallo Williams plead guilty. Shiraz Syed Qazi plead not guilty but was found guilty by a federal judge. Syed Maaz Shah was found guilty by a 12 member jury. Adnan Babar Mirza plead not guilty and is awaiting trial.

After the reports of the arrests of Kobie Diallo Williams and Adnan Babar Mirza, reports of two others (Shiraz Syed Qazi and Syed Maaz Shah) were arrested in connection to the plot. All of the Houston Taliban group are members of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and two of them (possibly three) are members of ICNA’s Whyislam which is the organization they used to collaborate with each other according to news reports. Shah was also President of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at UTD. Both the Islamic Circle of North America and Whyislam are volunteer organizations and they performed volunteer work with these organizations as well as held key positions within the organizations themselves.

Neither organization has come forward with public statements to condemn and distance themselves from the actions of their members.

Details on the jihadists.

Adnan Babar Mirza (Hearing July 27)

Kobie Diallo Williams (Guilty) Awaiting Sentencing

Shiraz Syed Qazi (Guilty) 10 months sentence + deportation

Syed Maaz Shah (Guilty) Awaiting sentencing

Read the rest at their site.

Of course the expected Muslim response is “Who us?! We’re the victim.”

Faketerror, a collection of ICNA members many who are friends and family of the Houston Taliban group, know that they are supporting jihadists yet the cant bring themselves to admit to it. Faketerror admits the jury didn’t buy into the entrapment claims of the defense on the Syed Maaz Shah case. In fact, it took little more than 1 hour for the jury to reach a verdict. So the Faketerror resorts to blaming it on the number of lawyers!

I guess we’re dealing with ONLY that 26% of Muslim youth in the USA that agrees with terror.

Whew!!! I feel safer now. Do you?

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