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I’ve written before of how the Islamist global insurgency threats both non-Muslim and Muslim countries alike and that the struggle today is with the ideology of Islamism not Islam itself. Outside of the mid-East, Muslims have more or less lived in peace within multicultural societies like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia which has the world’s greatest population of Muslims.

But over the last several years, the Islamist insurgency has gained ground and turning these once peaceful multicultural countries into a battleground.

Who’s responsible for this? This article gives us a clue. Thai military says beheadings by local Muslim insurgents inspired by jihad videos.

Jihad training videos from the Middle East, captured in southern Thailand, may be inspiring local Muslim insurgents to carry out grisly beheadings, officials said Monday.

About 30 people, both Buddhist and Muslim, have been beheaded since the revival of a separatist Muslim insurgency in early 2004 in Thailand’s southernmost provinces.

Middle East Arab countries are responsible for spreading the jihadist’s ideology. Yet our political leaders turn a blind eye to this obvious campaign to turn moderate Muslim nations into rabid Islamic fundamentalists. Why? Oil of course. And the long reach of the global Islamic insurgency will continue fed by petro-dollars gladly and willingly contributed by the world’s democracies.

The solution? What many have been saying since the 1970s but little had been done. Get us off the foreign oil tit and treat this extortion by the Arabs and their socialist allies in South America as a form of warfare – which it is – and place this country on a war footing doing everything in our power to get us from under the heel of the enemy oil cartel.

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