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What seems like unconnected individual events to the main stream media, political leaders and general population are in fact a well planned strategy of multiple jihads by the Islamists.

I’ve written before of the different types of non-violent jihads that are being used against non-Muslim and moderate Muslim societies. These are all aspects of a global insurgency pursued by Islamist groups like CAIR and MAS in America and like the Muslim Council of Britain in England whose objective is the world wide implementation of Shariah law.

One such jihad is institutional jihad and one part of that jihad is the infiltration of colleges and universities whose goal is to spread Islamist propaganda. Independent Media Review Analysis sites examples.

The general tendency of Westerners is to view global jihad as a foreign policy issue. But today it is clear that it is also a domestic policy issue.

This is very true and the crux of our misunderstanding of the threat before us and the blindness of the main stream media and political leaders to the ‘moderate’ Islamic organizations like CAIR and other Islamist mouthpieces that continue to confuse and bamboozle us.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that a recently circulated British intelligence report warned: “The terrorist threat facing Britain from home-grown al-Qaida agents is higher than at any time since the September 11 attacks in 2001.”

While it is true that in the US the danger of home-grown jihadists to national security is lower than it is in Britain, it is also true that there is a growing phenomenon of jihadist violence being perpetrated by Muslim men against American civilians in the name of jihad.

Like these:

  • Sulejman Talovic entered a shopping mall in Salt Lake City,
    murdered five and wounded four unsuspecting shoppers before being killed by
    an off-duty police officer.
  • Derrick Shareef, another Muslim male, was arrested in
    early December for plotting to carry out a similar attack at a shopping mall
    in Illinois just before Christmas.
  • Naveed Afzal Haq, who murdered one woman and wounded five during his shooting rampage at the Seattle Jewish Federation last July.

What is clear enough is that since this is the view that is informing policymakers, law enforcement officials and the media in handling a clear trend of jihadist murder, it requires serious empirical study. The obvious place for that research to take place is in the universities. Unfortunately, there can be little hope that universities in the US or in the West in general will devote any serious consideration to this most important sociological, psychological and national security trend. Far from being willing to study the most central issue of our times, universities are leading the charge in either ignoring it, or apologizing for it.

On February 15, the Iraqi Ambassador to the UN, Hamid Al Bayati, spoke at New York’s Fordham University. During the course of his remarks, Bayati doubted the fact that the Holocaust had occurred.

The Dean’s office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology co-sponsored an event on the Arab-Israel conflict called, “Foreign Policy and Social Justice: A Jewish View, a Muslim View.” The man invited to provide the Jewish view was Dovid Weiss, a member of the crackpot Neturei Karta sect. Weiss rose to prominence when he traveled to Teheran last December to participate in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial conference. While MIT and Fordham were hosting Holocaust deniers in the name of intellectual freedom, their fellow universities were hosting “Israel Apartheid Week.”

And if you stood up and questioned those that were at the universities and colleges to offer a ‘diverse view’ for the education and pleasure of their students, this is what happens.

At an “Israel Apartheid Week” event at City University of New York, after watching a propaganda film, 19-year old Binyamin Rister rose and politely asked the ISM presenters if they supported terrorism. When he received no reply he politely repeated the question. Rather than wait for an answer, CUNY security guards dragged Rister from the room and then repeatedly banged his head against the wall of an elevator and threw him head first down the stairs. Rister’s injuries from the assault by campus security required him to be evacuated by ambulance in a neck brace to the hospital.

In an almost identical case at Georgetown last year, Bill Maniaci a 65-year-old retired Jewish American police officer was brutalized by Georgetown security guards after he asked ISM spokesmen if they supported terrorism.

So much for ‘diverse opinions’ on today’s campuses.

It seems quite obvious that those universities and colleges that have the responsibility of engaging this battle of ideas are fighting on the side of the enemy. I wonder how many seats of higher learning invited Goebbels, Goering, Speer, Himmler, Heydrich and Hess to speak at their institutions all in the name of ‘diverse opinion’.

Don’t these fools know that the one of the first things to be eliminated once the Islamists gain control of a society is the pursuit of unfeted knowledge and that their bastogne of higher learning will be have one and only one department of education – Islamic Studies?
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