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I’ve tried to show in my blog with the categories I use the correlation between what’s happening now and what happened in the 1930s before the gathering storm erupted into a full blown hurricane that swept millions to their deaths.

As the theme of my blog implies, it’s happening again.

Two examples of the type of infiltration our Nazi enemies used in the 1930s in this country spring to mind. Camp Siegfried in New York and Camp Nordland in New Jersey. Both ostensibly were summer camps for German-American youths. Both were indoctrination camps to turn American boys into good little bundists.

First Camp Ziegfried.


In 1936, a seemingly bucolic Yaphank retreat makes Nazism a homegrown concern. Ostensibly a summer camp, its true intentions were suggested in a brochure promising “You will meet people who think as you do.”

Located on a wooded lakefront near the mid-Suffolk village, the camp was ostensibly a summer place for youngsters and a weekend campground for adults. In reality it was more dangerous — a project sponsored by the German-American Bund, which had been established to promote Hitlerism in this country.

At first, Long Island merchants reacted happily to the influx of potential customers, and many businesses took out ads in the bund’s national newspaper. One farmer turned his fields into a parking lot for 500 cars, at 25 cents a car. Visitors were even invited to march through the village on the way from the Yaphank station to the camp. The scene, at first, was more bucolic than bullying. When the lakefront campsite opened in mid-1935, it was known, innocuously enough, as the “Friends of New Germany Picnic Grounds,” sponsored by the so-called German-American Settlement League.

Even the streets in the nearby German development called German Gardens had names like Hitler Street, a Goering Street and a Goebbels Street. But the street names live on in the archives of Suffolk County.

…one brochure promised: “You will meet people who think as you do.” And on weekends, like-minded adult campers arrived in the martial uniform of the German-American Bund: black breeches and boots, gray shirts and black ties.

Miller recounted the experience of Murray Cohen, a Brooklyn high school student who rode the “Camp Siegfried Special” to Yaphank in 1937. Photographs Cohen secretly took at the camp were later published by PM, New York’s liberal afternoon daily in the 1940s. On the train, Cohen chatted with Mueller while, in the background, uniformed bundists sang Nazi anthems. One of the stanzas from the “Horst Wessel Song” includes the chilling lines:

When Jewish blood drips from the knife

Then will the German people prosper.

Two years later, the pastoral scene at Camp Siegfried began to fade. That summer, Mueller and five others were indicted in Riverhead on charges that the German-American Settlement League and Camp Siegfried were part of the bund, which required members to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler. The state contended, therefore, that the German-American Settlement League had violated state law by failing to file its list of members, who had sworn loyalty to a foreign power.

Now why does this sound so familiar? Could it be this?

North Liberty, Iowa. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has signed a lease for up to 25 years with a group that wants to build a Muslim youth camp at Lake Coralville.

The lease allows the Cedar Rapids-based Muslim Youth Camps of America to build on 114 acres of federal land. Construction can start once the group works out details with county and state regulators, the corps said Wednesday.

Plans for the $934,000 camp north of North Liberty call for lodging up to 60 campers ages 10 to 17 in cabins and tents plus staffers during the summer and up to 40 per night in the offseason. When completed, the camp will include a 2,400 square-foot lodge, a beach, recreation trails, five cabins, five tent pods and a bathroom.

Concerns? Joe Kaufman has a few.

Environmental concerns have been a factor. Parking accommodations have been a factor. How many people? Where will they stay? Will it cause traffic? All of these issues have been addressed to one degree or another. But a significant few issues have been sidestepped entirely, covered up in such a manner that would suggest either political correctness or deception was to blame. This is especially significant in light of the fact that there is a terror connection to the proposed new Muslim Center.

When the question of possible links to terror was raised, Ron Fournier, the spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering (the organization that is set to lease the grounds to MYCA for the sum of one dollar), said the following: “we have reviewed the Muslim youth camp, and we’ve found no terrorist ties or associations that would prevent us from continuing with the process.”

Mr. Fournier is very wrong.

The problem centers around Bill Aossey, who was previously mentioned as a MYCA Representative.

Bill is the President of the Midamar Corporation, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Midamar is an international distributor of Halal meats, or meats that have been prepared according to Islamic law. On its website,, it is stated that Midamar is a “Trusted Halal food supplier and sponsor for the annual conferences and conventions hosted by ISNA, CAIR, AMC, ICNA, and MAS, and W.D. Muhammad.” Every one of these organizations have had dealings with Islamic extremist and/or hate groups.

Are we seeing history repeat itself?


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