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The UK is becoming the biggest threats to US security. Their incessant accommodations to Muslims in the name of political correctness are undermining the security of the free world.

An article in the New Republic magazine details how this summer’s terror alert has left a question mark in the US over the trustworthiness of young Asians in Britain who trace their roots back to Pakistan and in particular Kashmir. It highlights how extremists with links to Pakistan have been implicated in a string of attacks and plots against Western targets, often after attending training camps run by terror organizations.

The analysis comes amid mounting calls in Washington for a review of the threat posed by British citizens, who are increasingly being seen as a likely source of terror attacks against the US. The US administration and its supporters are also worried by signs that so-called moderate British Muslims have used the terror alerts to call for a change in British foreign policy.

That’s old news. Now the new.

TWO convicted terrorists, including a key al-Qaeda member, were among at least 10,000 applicants who fraudulently obtained passports from the Home Office in the last year, ministers said.

One of the men – Dhiren Barot – was the al-Qaeda figure who planned radioactive “dirty” bombs in London. He was convicted in December after admitting conspiracy to murder and jailed for 40 years. He managed to obtain nine British passports, seven of them in his name. The other, Salaheddine Benyaich, a Moroccan national, obtained two British passports. He is serving 18 years in a Moroccan jail for terrorist offences.

Last night, the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) said a face-to-face interview would have stopped the applications.

DUH! You think? Oh, wait a minute. That might lead the official seeing the applicant to apply profiling. Can’t do that. Especially if he’s in prison garb.

The Home Office revealed that an estimated 10,000 fake applications had been successful by the year to September, out of more than 16,500 attempted fraudulent applications. The real figure could be far higher as officials admitted 10,000 was only an estimate.

Ministers used the high incidence of fraud to make the case for face-to-face interviews and identity cards. However opposition politicians warned that the ease of obtaining passports under false pretences undermined, rather than justified, the need to roll out identity cards.

But [the] arguments were dismissed by the Conservatives, Lib Dems and the SNP.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said it was “outrageous” that the government issued multiple genuine passports to convicted terrorists under false pretences.

“What is to say they won’t issue genuine ID cards to terrorists or that terrorists will not use fraudulent passports to obtain genuine ID cards?” he added.

Yep – a really quandary. It’s now a little too late to close the security barn door after the political correct multicultural horse has gotten out.

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems home affairs spokesman, said: “This bad news should not be used cynically to justify the creation of an ID card sledgehammer to crack the passport fraud nut.”

Typical liberal hogwash. Perhaps the Libs might see that such an ID card might solve a multiple of security problems now facing Britain thanks to the liberals and their policies.
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