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Keep up with those crazy Jihadists – who they are and where they are doing their latest dastardly deed is hard to keep up with. So here are a couple of resources you can use to stay up to date with Jihad.

First, if you when a kid enjoyed collecting baseball cards then the U.S. Department of Defense has issued a collection of Terrorist Recognition Cards. Click on a region to see who’s who (complete with stats) and who’s wanted.

You can choose from one of five regions – Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq, the horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia – and see who’s who in terrorism.


Terrorist Recognition Cards are not an exhaustive collection of all known terrorists. Because the cards are intended to aid in recognition, they do not include many known high-threat terrorists for whom pictures are unavailable. Similarly not present are terrorists for whom only limited biographic information is available. Individuals pictured will possibly alter their appearance to avoid recognition.

People with information about individuals in the Terrorist Recognition Cards should contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, the FBI, or the Rewards for Justice.

For real time global display of Terrorism and other suspicious events, check out the Global Incident Map. The map is interactive and zoomable and in real time and is automatically updated every 310 seconds. It also has an RSS subscription.
You can select incidents by types, country, date/time and even city of the world. Don’t be blindsided in your neighborhood by terrorist or suspicious activity like Bridge / Tunnel Incidents and Security, Bus Stations/ Bus Security/ Bus Related Incidents, Assassination/ Assassination Attempt, Radiation Incidents/ Smuggling/ Proliferation, Chemical Attack, Bomb Incidents/Explosives/ Hoax Devices and other valuable reports.
Pretty cool!
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