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In the HQ INTEL-ALERT Private Intelligence Report issued on February 4, 2007, the Northeast Intelligence Network reported extensively about Muslim men inside the U.S., adhering to the Islamist ideology of jihad, preparing for war on the streets of America. Of course, these reports go unreported by the main stream media.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2007, a federal indictment was unsealed in the U.S. federal court in St. Louis naming eight Islamic men as defendants in a case involving the buying, selling or hiding of automatic weapons, an anti-personnel mine and other explosives.

The case originated with the arrest of Mousa M. ABUELAWI, 22, of Creve Coeur, MO on December 29, 2006. He was charged with three counts of illegal possession or distribution of a machine gun and conspiracy to violate machine gun statutes. A superseding indictment unsealed yesterday, charges ABUELAWI and seven others with machine gun charges and charges of conspiracy, lying to the FBI and other firearms violations. The other seven defendants identified in the indictment are identified as: Thaer Abde SUMAD, 23, of Florissant, MO, Abdikarin WARSAME, 28, Charley M. HUNT Jr., 45, Darnell T. THORNTON, 25, and Hussein Ali NURE, 29, all from Jennings, MO, Mohamed JUDEH, 20, of Maryland Heights and Otha L. BAKER, 20, of St. Louis. If found guilty of the charges, the men face 5-10 years in prison.

As we reported last February, the more important aspect of this matter involves the stockpiling of weapons, including significant explosives, by core groups of Islamic terror cells inside the U.S. According to our investigation, these types of incidents are on the rise, but are being downplayed by federal officials and the media. A law enforcement source interviewed for our newsletter report stated: “Public information officers or spokesmen for law enforcement agencies are purposely downplaying and in some cases, lying outright to the public about arrests of Muslims in the U.S.,” stated one federal law enforcement official during our discussion last week. “We have been told what to say and just as important, what not to say, and warned not to deviate from that ‘template.'”

Why should we be surprised? Political correctness trumps national security – AGAIN!

This source agreed that the men involved in what has become known as the “paintball jihad” case are good examples of activities by Muslim men in the U.S. that is on the rise.

Jihadists training in the US using paintball games have been reported before. Muslim Students Associations (MSA’s), Islamic centers and Mosques across America and Canada sponsor paintball outings and promote survival skills. Paintball, in itself, may be a harmless sport but one must consider ulterior motives since the MSA’s also benefit from Saudi funding. The National MSA’s online publication promotes firearms training with the following quote that they attribute to Mohammed, “Power is shooting, power is shooting, power is shooting”. They also recommend Muslim students that paintball as an excellent way to learn about combat. This certainly begs the question as to why college-based religious organizations would advocate sharpening combat skills.

“Since 9/11, several jihadists in the U.S. and Europe have been arrested and charged with using paintball as a form of paramilitary training. One of the London subway bombers–Mohammed Khan–was an avid paintball player. Likewise, 17 Toronto Muslims charged this summer with plotting terrorist attacks in Canada used paintball to train. Another Canadian Muslim charged with planning terrorist attacks, Mohammed Khawaja, also played paintball.”

Are we seeing a pattern here?

“Here in the U.S., two Georgia Muslims charged earlier this year with plotting attacks against U.S. targets played as well. The most notorious case, however, occurred in the Washington, D.C. area. A group of 11 American Muslims there have been convicted for plotting to wage jihad against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Indian troops in Kashmir. They trained by playing paintball in the northern Virginia countryside. One of the men told a grand jury he considered paintball “a form of jihad.”

It gets worse. Read this account of how radical imams are rallying young British Muslims to the jihadist cause through paintball outings.

Back to the Northeast Intelligence Network report.

In addition to buying weapons and whatever else they can get their hands on, they are practicing urban combat. Since it has become more difficult for them to leave the country or train with actual weapons, they will get together and train using paintball guns. They will engage in paramilitary-style training right under our noses, and lie about it to our faces. They are protected, in some cases, by the religious Imams, some who even encourage or schedule such outings.

“We’re talking about professional Muslim men, mosque leaders, leaders within our communities who are actually helping young men train for the eventuality of urban combat. They know what they are doing, yet they lie right to our faces about these activities… and we’re told by our supervisors that we have to accept what they tell us at face value when they know damn well they are lying.” This federal official also added that they have to be cautious about what they write (in terms of reports, investigative files), and are told to write them as if they would be given to the local mosque. “In some cases, I think they are [showing Muslim leaders sensitive files].”

Just great! Giving suspected enemy agents – and that’s what they are and when are we going to wake up to that fact – intelligence they can use to advance their Islamist agenda.

In the original documents charging Abuelawi, Sumad is quoted in a meeting with ABUELAWI and a government informer as saying that “he wants to buy as many explosives as possible because, ‘we’re going to war.'”

It’s only a matter of time while America sleeps.

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