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Does a house have to fall on the Brits? When will they act against the Islamic insurgency in their country? There is an avowed and self-identifying enemy to their country in their midst and they refuse to apply sedition laws to the perpetrators?

The leading preacher of a hard-line Islamic sect which controls almost half of British mosques delivers a message filled with anger at non-Muslims.

His target is the kuffar, the nonMuslim, whether Jewish, Christian, Hindu or atheist, and the message is simple: their designs are evil, their ways corrupting. Stay away from them.

Mr ul Haq, 36, who is charismatic, intelligent and British, seems to share Osama bin Laden’s stated conviction that America and its allies are seeking to destroy Islam. Both men regard this as the fulfilment of a prophecy made by the Prophet Muhammad, and both find justification in the Koran for the use of militant jihad to attack and kill those nonbelievers who have incurred Allah’s displeasure.

Each preaches the glories of martyrdom, yet while bin Laden hides somewhere near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Mr ul Haq lives in Leicester and is fêted internationally as a leading scholar of Islam. His views would be cause enough for concern were he merely a maverick cleric with a small group of followers whose austere, rejectionist agenda was isolated from mainstream Islamic thought.

When Mr ul Haq speaks of his contempt for British ways and Western values, however, it carries the authority of the ultra-conservative Islamic movement whose views are preached in hundreds of mosques and madrassas in Britain. The Deobandis run more than 600 of the 1,300 mosques in Britain and their seminaries – known as darul uloom – produce the vast majority of British-trained Islamic clerics.

Walk into a British mosque, particularly outside London, and the chances are that it is the voice of Deoband that you will hear.

Isn’t that wonderful. Sedition being preached at the core mosque and British authorities do nothing.

Here’s some more of the noted Muslim scholar’s wisdom spewed to British Muslims.

Muslims have become weak because they have developed “the love of life and the dislike of death”. Their faith is being tested and for Islam to prevail the believer must be willing, even eager, to sacrifice his life “in the way of Allah”. Muslims are living in that era “before the day of reckoning” when, as prophesied, “the truthful will be rejected and the liar will be believed”. In this time of darkness, “adhering to the fundamentals of Islam . . . is considered extremism and the struggle against oppression is called terrorism”.

“Nobody should be able to tell us what moderation is and what extremism is. One man’s poison is another man’s medicine,” he said in a sermon last year.

In one talk, Mr ul Haq tells British Muslims that he is “not suggesting that we should rise here – I’m sure we are all sensible enough to know that”.

Damn right. Muslim population numbers are not at the tipping point in Britain – yet. The Islamists are smart. They have plan for world domination and they are working it while dhimmis and useful idiots smile on basking in their multicultural utopia.

This kind of tripe has been going on for some time in Britain. Here’s another example of dhimmi thinking. From Melanie Phillips.

Britain refuses to outlaw Hizb ut Tahrir, on the spurious grounds that although it promotes the Islamic takeover of Britain it is not committed to violence, has meant that this group continues to recruit thousands of students on campus to the cause of jihad against the West.

This is madness. The result is that, while most British Muslims say they would have no truck with terrorism or violence, an insupportable number of them do endorse appalling ideas. Apart from 1,700 identified British Muslim terrorists, opinion polls suggest that a worrying number of our Muslim citizens think the 7/7 attacks were justified.

This suicidal strategy of engaging with extremism – which has only helped create a continuum of extremism – must be abandoned. Hizb ut Tahrir should be banned and a major effort made to rid our campuses of Islamists.

Jihadi websites must be closed down or their instigators prosecuted. Extremist mosques should be identified and shut.

Attempts should be made to ‘turn’ suitable extremists by opening their eyes to the truth, so that they can tell their fellow Muslims that they are being fed lies and hatred. Anything less will make a mockery of ‘winning hearts and minds’.

Britain is now Al Qaeda’s principal target as well as its principal recruiting ground. This is because Al Qaeda has correctly identified Britain as the weakest link in the Western alliance.

Our Muslim community is particularly vulnerable to Islamist extremism because of the collapse of Britain’s belief in itself and the corresponding rise of multiculturalism and minority rights; the world-class defeatism and appeasement-minded arrogance of its establishment; and the eagerness with which its intellectual elite regurgitates Islamist propaganda in order to bash the West.

That’s putting it bluntly.

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