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A recent upsurge in of similar incidents might indicate terrorist plans said Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Similar reports from airport personnel across the United States might suggest pre-operational terrorist-related activities are in progress at airports. During the late afternoon hours on Thursday, 4 January 2007, a United Airlines service vehicle was stolen from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Because of its markings and intended use, the vehicle would have access to secured areas of the airport. Later that day, personnel at a different airport on the east coast reported “active surveillance” of the airport maintenance area by two men, one who appeared to be Middle Eastern in his appearance. Both incidents follow a separate incident a few weeks ago where the actual surveillance camera system at an airport near Washington, DC was compromised by self-described Islamic “jihadists.” One area of that camera system allowed the operators to monitor the activities at the maintenance area of that particular airport.

Terrorists are known to stage tests and these events could be pre-incident indicators of perhaps something larger in the works involving terrorism.

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