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Jihad for the Islamists comes in many forms – all with the objective of advancing the religion of Islam and the submission of non-Muslims to the Islamist’s will. One such Jihad is the Institutional Jihad. Another is the Litigation Jihad and another is the Financial Jihad just to name a few – all of which are a well coordinated deck of cards. You find these cunning animals basking in the light of the institutions of the appeasers and apologists of non-Muslim societies or quietly infiltrating the non-Muslim communities.

One example of Institutional Jihad is CAIR. This pro-jihad organization masquerading as a civil rights group for American Muslims has the continued ear of politicians and academicians in this country. One the one hand they ‘help’ our ‘poorly guided’ politicians and educators understand what Islam is about and how Muslims are being unfairly persecuted in this country and abroad. In reality, their objective is to advance the Islamist agenda in this country through institutional jihad.

Here is just one of a thousand examples. For others, visit the ANTI-CAIR web site for a quick education on this ‘civil rights’ organization. From the Militant Islam Monitor.

The CAIR director of educational affairs and Valencia U education coordnator, Yasmeen Qadri, indoctrinates students using diversity course for da’wa

On the Rate My Professor website one student wrote:”Dr. Qadri is nice, but very focused on teaching about the Muslim religion, not DIVERSE populations… Unless you want to learn everything about Muslims and nothing about anyone else, drop this class and take someone else.” Not surpisingly, Qadri is also helped in her efforts by CAIR Tampa director Ahmed Bedier and her husband Kamran Qadri who teaches at Valencia College. The assistent professor is the CAIR director of Educational Affairs and a board member.

Besides trying to force students to intern as teachers at the Muslim Academy of Central Florida where she was a former principal,she teaches them about Islam under the guise of sensitivity training about Muslim students. Qadri and CAIR are also exploiting the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to push their Islamist agenda.

The institutional jihad also spreads into our communities as the city of Boston is finding discovering. From DAFKA.

SPEAKING AT the State Department in 1999, Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi sheik and leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, sounded an alarm about Muslim houses of worship in the United States. “The most dangerous thing that is going on now in these mosques . . . is the extremists’ ideology,” he said. “Because they are very active, they took over the mosques; . . . they took over more than 80 percent of the mosques that have been established in the US.” He warned ominously that “a danger might suddenly come that you are not looking for . . . we don’t know where it is going to hit.”

When Kabbani was condemned by other Muslim organizations, he stood his ground. His assessment of the leadership of US mosques, he said, was based on having visited scores of them, and in a subsequent interview he explained the extremists’ pattern of infiltration.

Kabbani’s made these charges before 9-11 and didn’t get much attention. After Sept. 11, it became clear to most people other than the government that mosques dominated by radical clerics were a potentially lethal threat because, according to Kabbani, 80% of them are funded by Saudi Arabia, which spends heavily to propagate Wahhabism, a fanatic and aggressive strain of Islam.

It is against this background that the $24 million mosque and cultural center being built by the Islamic Society of Boston has generated such controversy. Questions have been raised about the Islamic Society’s past and present leaders, some of whom have supported Islamist terrorism or indulged in virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. There are concerns about the sweetheart deal in which the land for the mosque was acquired from the City of Boston for a fraction of its value. Especially disturbing has been the Islamic Society’s response to its diverse critics: a lawsuit accusing them of anti-Muslim conspiracy and libel.

Enter another type of jihad from their deck of jihad cards – the litigation jihad.

That libel, the lawsuit charges, included claims that the “ISB receives funds from Wahhabis and/or Muslim Brotherhood and/or other Saudi/Middle Eastern sources” and that “the ISB Project was supported financially by donors from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states ‘with known connections to radical Islamists.’ “Given the Saudi role in disseminating jihadist fanaticism, it might indeed be defamatory to falsely accuse the ISB of financial ties to Saudi Arabia.

But such ties are quite real.

According to financial documents supplied to The Boston Globe, major funding for the mosque is being provided by the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In December 2005, two payments of approximately $250,000 each were wired from Jeddah to the Citizens Bank account of the mosque’s general contractor in Boston. Messages confirming the payments were faxed from Jeddah to the Islamic Society of Boston on Dec. 19; these refer to the payments as “USA-52” and “USA-53.” Other documents suggest that subsequent payments have been made as well.

One more type of jihad used to advance the Islamist agenda of world domination – the financial jihad.

It’s time we recognize when one of these cards are played and respond aggressively by forcing the appeasers and apologist for Islam and multiculturalists by calling their bluff.

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