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CH 4 investigative report on what was really being taught in many of the major mosques in London was an eye opener for the Britons. They discovered that there was more than religion of peace being taught at a number of Britain’s leading mosques and Muslim institutions.

Now it’s Italy’s turn.

Operating in a nondescript mosque in Perugia, the central hill town known for its Renaissance architecture and idyllic countryside, a small extremist cell allegedly ran what Italian police say was a “terror school” that trained in hand-to-hand combat, bomb making and airplane piloting.

Anti-terrorism police said they arrested three Moroccans — an imam and two of his aides — on Saturday and raided the Ponte Felcino mosque on the outskirts of the Umbrian capital, finding barrels of chemicals hidden in the cellar, and documents including instructions on how to pilot a Boeing 747.

More than Zuppa Toscana was being served at the mosque.

The modest mosque, on the ground floor of a red-painted residential building, hid chemical substances, including acids, nitrates and ferrocyanide, which may have been used to experiment during the courses, said Claudio Galzerano, head of the international terrorism division with the anti-terror police.

Outside daily prayers, the small mosque doubled as a training camp, the police statement said. The imam made fiery sermons inciting a small group of disciples, some of them children, to join the Holy War.

Activities at the mosque used films and documents downloaded from the Internet, and included weapons training, instructions on how to prepare poisons and explosives, as well as how to lay an ambush, reach combat zones safely and send encrypted messages, police said in a statement.

We have yet to learn that radical mosques and those funded by Saudi money are recruiting, indoctrination, training and command and control centers for the Islamist tactic of terrorism in non-Muslim countries.

In a statement praising Saturday’s arrests, Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said the Perugia case “confirms the need to always maintain high surveillance in locations where only religious activities should take place.”

I wonder how much of that is being done in the US given the fact that when a terrorist cell is discovered, the authorities are surprised that such activities are sheltered in these mosques. But if the Mapping Shariah in America Project is successful by year’s end, there will be a systematic evaluation of the threat that our nation faces from efforts to impose Shari’a within our borders.

And of course, CAIR will have none of this. What a surprise.

I wonder what CAIR is afraid might be found.

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