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An Ohio cable TV company is promoting terrorist propaganda.

Block Communications, which owns the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is now airing the Al-Jazeera English channel on its Buckeye Cable System in Toledo, Ohio. The channel is the sister station of the controversial Arab-language news network Al-Jazeera, which some call the “Jihad Channel.”

Not everyone is enamored with the decision. Block Chairman Allan Block recently told Multichannel News, a cable and telecommunications industry trade publication, that he received a letter saying, “I should be prosecuted because I’m a traitor in wartime.”

Yes. That’s an accurate description of Block Chairman’s behavior.

The move also has been criticized by Accuracy in Media, a Washington, D.C.- based nonprofit media watchdog group. AIM editor Cliff Kincaid told Multichannel News that Block “is going to have to take the heat” for deciding to air the station.

“We’ve heard from a number of people in his area who think he’s aiding the enemy,” Kincaid said. “He’s got a significant Arab-Muslim population there, and I think he’s going to increase the anti-American sentiments of those people.”

Pursuing the almighty buck rather than considering national security. When will we wake up and start enforcing sedition laws in this country?

Some more background on Al-Jazeera’s infiltration.

Joining the ranks of CNN as a national cable channel will not be easy. A deal between al Jazeera and a major U.S. cable provider fell apart over differences about whether the channel would be carried throughout the country, or only in regions with large Arab and Muslim communities. Americans can still watch al Jazeera English on the Internet. But as for watching it on the TV screen, only two small cable companies took a chance on the fledgling network: a city-operated system in Burlington, Vermont, and the cable provider serving Toledo, Ohio.

Most Americans, pummeled by political correctness, disinformation from the main stream media, and the stain of multiculturalism, are blind to how Islamists are using our very own freedoms against us.

One of the few exceptions is John Parrish. He knows what al Jazeera is, didn’t know its English channel was on cable in Toledo, but says he really doesn’t mind either way. “It’s a free country,” he points out, “freedom of speech, different point of view. I can’t see anything wrong with it. If you don’t want to watch it, then turn it off.”

Yeah. What harm could it do? If you don’t like American Idol, turn it off. But some Americans don’t buy the ruse.

But others in the city question whether al Jazeera should be available in the U.S. at all. Many echo the thoughts of Toledoan Ed Raymer, a truck driver who says he was passing through New York City on September 11th, when the terrorist attacks occurred.

At a downtown bar, he insists Americans don’t need to hear the views of Arabs who are at war with the U.S. “I can see it being okay for the Arab community,” he says, “but everybody else, with what’s going on over there, shouldn’t be subjected to it.”

His friend Phil Lazuski predicts, “It’s gonna cause a big chaos. If it comes here, it’s gonna cause a big chaos.”

Lazuski is one of many TV viewers who is not aware that Al Jazeera has already come to Toledo, and has already led to a few angry letters to the editor calling for local subscribers to cancel their cable service.

While America sleeps.

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