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Argentina? Nuclear ambitions? What’s going on down there in South America?

Miguel Angel Toma, the former head of the Argentina’s intelligence service, tells FOX News’ Dan Senor that the Iranian government directly ordered a terror bombing on a Buenos Aires Jewish community center in 1994. Toma’s investigation into a Middle East-style terrorist bombing targeting Argentinean Jews found that the orders for the attack were given at the highest levels of the Iranian government in response to the ending of secret nuclear and missile agreements between Iran and Argentina.

“The attacks in the ’90s against the Jewish community center and the Israeli embassy brought up many distinct questions because they came from many thousands of miles away and obviously were plotted from many thousands of miles away,” Toma told FOX News. Responsibility for both bombings was pinned on Hezbollah, but Toma’s investigation into the community center bombing found the decision for that bombing came straight from Tehran.

Arrest warrants were issued for nine Iranian officials and Hezbollah leaders, but they all remain at large. Iranian involvement came as a shock for the South American nation, which had enjoyed active trading with Iran to the tune of $400 million in the 1970s and ’80s.

“During the ’80s the government of Argentina signed agreements with them in the areas of technological investigation with the purpose of a nuclear and missile programs,” Toma said.

The replacement of Argentina’s military dictatorship soured the nation’s relationship with Tehran. In 1989, a new civilian government headed by Carlos Menem took power and cancelled nuclear and missile development treaties.

That’s what you get when you negotiate with the Mullahs in Iran. It’s a lesson we still haven’t learned today.

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