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We forget that moderate Muslim nations are just as threatened by the Islamist jihad as non-Muslim nations. Take Malaysia for example. From Western Resistance.

Recently there has been a debate in Malaysia, which is 60% Muslim, about the role of the Syariah, or Islamic Courts. The constitutional issue, which means that a civil court has no power over cases which fall under the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts, has caused a Hindu to be buried as a Muslim, and people being prevented from leaving Islam.

On December 22, 2005, the Islamic Family Law Bill was pushed through parliament by the government. This effectively decreased the rights of women in divorce situations. Its unpopularity led the government to temporarily suspend it last week, pending further consultation.

The powers of the Islamic bodies in the nation have caused Hindu groups to form a pressure group, the Hindu Rights Action Force, to protest against the “Islamification” of Malaysia. On Wednesday, the government ordered a newly formed “Islamic Council Volunteer Squad”, a Muslim team recruited to spy on Muslims to ensure they conformed to Islamic behaviour, to be disbanded.

A power struggle appears to be taking place between supporters of civil law which should affect all citizens, and advocates of Islamic law, which should affect only Muslims, but has punished apostates for not being “Islamic”.

Sound familiar? Malaysia is going down the same road as Europe as Muslim numbers begin to grow and they insist on being treated differently than other religious groups. Though terrorism – militant jihad – is not a problem yet, Malaysia, is fast becoming a key meeting place for al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists and an exporter of jihad. In addition, creeping Shari law is snaking its way into the society and minority religions are feeling its effect.

Religious minorities have long complained about obstacles in getting the government’s permission to build places of worship in Malaysia. But their frustrations have grown amid recent accusations by religious rights activists that authorities are destroying non-Muslim shrines, heating up racial bitterness that has simmered for decades beneath a veneer of multicultural harmony.

“There is much disillusionment” among non-Muslims, said P. Uthayakumar, a Hindu lawyer who has launched a court battle to prevent authorities from demolishing temples. “Every time a temple is demolished, the people’s confidence is shaken further.”

The issue of churches and temples is part of a wider debate in Malaysia regarding racial and religious rights. Majority ethnic Malays, who are exclusively Muslim, enjoy a host of privileges, while other groups struggle with issues such as a perceived lack of recourse when they get into legal disputes with Muslims over religious matters.

Islamism – political Islam – is on the march in Malaysia.

A Malaysian senator has been found guilty in an Islamic court for not divorcing his wife without a Syariah Court’s permission and divorcing her outside a Syariah Court.

52-year old Senator Kamaruddin Ambok, of the ruling party (Umno, United Malays National Organisation) admitted on Thursday that he had committed an offence against his former wife Mahani Hussain, aged 50. The divorce (Talaq) had been announced not in front of an audience, or even to the woman’s face. He had divorced her by text message on a cell phone, with a reminder by voicemail. The Senator was hardly chivalrous, but it is a strange situation where a member of the government is being accused by an Islamic Court for divorcing his wife without first gaining the court’s permission.

Prosecution lawyer Mohammed Yusof Sulaiman told the Syariah court: “Cases such as this are happening often these days as reported by media. The court must ensure that Islamic laws are adhered to, and give a proper punishment to deter him and others from committing such an offence again.”

Cultural, legal and demographic jihads are working in favor the Islamists in Malaysia.

Malaysia, which boasts proudly that it is a “moderate Muslim country” is nothing of the sort. It enforces Islam in a racially-based apartheid which ensures that no ethnic Malay can avoid being labelled as a Muslim from the age of 12 onwards, and refuses to allow Muslims to convert to other faiths. And while Muslims are allowed to convert others, the government is pressuring all 13 states in the nation to enforce laws preventing anyone from attempting to convert a Muslim. Many of Malaysia’s states have adopted the Control and Restriction Bill, which gives a fine of 10,000 ringit ($2,653) or imprisonment for up to one year for “persuading, influencing a Muslim to leave Islam for another religion.”

Barely a week ago, the irascible Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Mohamed Nazri Aziz (pictured left), ordered on August 23 that the “constitutional law” which forbids others to spread religions other than Islam to the Muslims must be streamlined nationwide.

Here’s how such a law is implemented.

We have trodden the same ground several times on Western Resistance, documenting the abuses of Malaysian Hindus, Buddhists and Christians alike, as temples, some a century old, and churches are bulldozed, for spurious reasons, such as not having planning documents. In the case of the oldest Hindu temples, such planning documents were never issued 100 years ago, and were not issued by the Malaysian state because it simply did not exist then. When the 100-year old Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliam-man Temple in Kuala Lumpur was bulldozed on April 18 no prior warning had been given. A Hindu service was going on inside when police and bulldozers ordered worshippers to leave.

Malaysia lies to the entire world, and to its own people, that it is a moderate and tolerant Muslim nation. History has proved that there never has been such a thing as a moderate or tolerant Muslim nation.

Malaysia is only one small part of the global insurgency of Islamism that seeks to make all nations Islamic nations.
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