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When the 9/11 commission released its final report, it revealed, among other things, that Osama bin Laden sent the terrorists of 9-11 to flight schools in Arizona. This information from a FBI field agent in Arizona was knows as the ‘Phoenix Memo’.

But the Phoenix connection to the Jihadists doesn’t end there. A listener called into the Glenn Beck Show and here’s what Glenn said:

Yesterday on the radio program I asked listeners to call in with their predictions for 2007. Most of them were preposterous, you know, things like: “Glenn’s show will beat the TV Guide channel in the ratings” — but there was one that stood out. A guy named “Michael” called in and told me his prediction is that Phoenix, Arizona is going to be involved in something big this year on the terrorism front. He said there have been too many stories involving that city lately for it all to be coincidence.

The Real Story is that Michael was right, there are an awful lot of “isolated incidents” going on involving Phoenix. Taken individually, each of them sort of makes you go, “hmm, that’s interesting” — but put them all together and — well, you decide.

First, remember that FBI memo from right before 9/11 that caused a huge political uproar because it supposedly had documented the idea that Osama bin Laden was sending terrorists to flight schools in the U.S.?
Guess what — it’s actually called “The Phoenix Memo” because it was written by the Phoenix FBI. It reads, in part, quote, “Phoenix has observed an inordinate number of individuals of investigative interest who are attending…civil aviation…colleges in the State of Arizona.”
Hmmm, interesting.
And when the 9/11 report was finally issued, it contained 59 references to terrorist activity in Arizona and mentioned, for the first time, the existence of a highly classified FBI/CIA report titled, “Arizona: Long Range Nexus for Islamic Extremists.” That report has still not been made public.
Nothing to see here people, move along.
Now, fast forward to this past November. A guy is stopped by Detroit police and is found to be carrying $80,000 in cash, information about cyanide, nuclear power plants and suitcase bombs, along with newspapers commemorating the 9/11 attacks. And just in case you think all of that is coincidence, he also had a hand-written note that said:

“This community is angry. Something is going to happen. We are going to see justice. This is a powder keg waiting to go off.”

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention…he was arrested in the airport on his way to, yes — Phoenix.
Now, move ahead another couple of weeks. Remember those six Imam’s who were kicked off a flight after acting suspiciously like the 9/11 terrorists? Yeah, you guessed it, they were also headed to Phoenix.

But here’s the best part…Despite all of those incidents, and despite the fact that Arizona sits right on our unsecured border with Mexico, and the fact that Arizona’s been called, quote, “the most important nexus for international jihad outside of…Pakistan and the Middle East,” the city of Phoenix lost 60% of their homeland security funding last year — that’s more than any other urban-area.
Michael, this is one prediction I hope you’re wrong about, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on Phoenix this year because I fear you just may be onto something…

I wonder what’s in that still secret report “Arizona: Long Range Nexus for Islamic Extremists” and why isn’t our continually curious MSM not using their vast amount of “professional” journalism skills to find out what’s in it? Perhaps if the New York Times would take timeout from undermining the security of this country they might want to turn their professional journalistic ‘plumbers’ on to this story and look for leaks.

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