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Our country lives under the First Amendment. The interpretation of the First Amendment and in particular its first clause, referred to as the “Establishment of Religion” or “Establishment” clause, has a direct bearing on how federally- funded public schools can teach religion.

Over the last several years, especially after 9-11, these restrictions on the teaching of religion in our public schools didn’t seem to apply to the proponents of the advancement of Islam. Hypocrisy and double standards of the Islamists waging institutional jihad in our schools goes on missed by our educated leadership.

Public schools can teach about religions, but can neither denigrate one religion nor promote another. When 9/11 happened, children were confronted with the spectacle of Muslim terrorism on their TV screens. Sadly, for children growing up in America, their understanding of why Islamic terrorism takes place is not likely to be explained at school.

The First Amendment was originally designed to prevent the conflicts which (Christian) religion had caused in Europe. Now, it is being employed by the politically correct to present an anodyne and inaccurate portrayal of Islam in US public schools.

Schools in America are being taken to task by Muslim activists who perceive that their religion is not treated with enough “respect”.

Different news items have appeared now and then over the last few years that show the successful attempts of the Islamists infiltrating our pubic school system under the guise of multiculturalism and political correctness. By putting them together we can see the extent of Islamist infiltration of our schools.

In December 2006 Baltimore County School Board in Maryland was accused of inaccuracy in its teaching of Islam. The claim was made by Bash Pharoan, who is president of the local American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and head of Baltimore County Muslim Council. Pharoan was complaining about resource sheets given to students in seventh and tenth grade. He has been whining for three years that the sheets do not show respect to Mohammed, founder of Islam, because they merely call him “Mohammed.” “Omitting the word prophet is disrespectful”, Pharoan claimed.

He also objected to the description in the resource sheets of “jihad”. He accepted that the sheets refer to its meaning as “struggle” but objected to the statement: “Muhammad justified his attacks to his followers by explaining that to weaken those who opposed the spread of God’s word was a virtue, and that those who fell in battle would be rewarded in heaven. Thus the idea of the jihad became the holy war of the Muslims against ‘the unbelievers.”

In California one school, the Excelsior Elementary, took its teaching of Islam to seventh graders to extremes. School pupils were made to dress up in Islamic clothing, to memorize Koranic verses and even to fast during their lunch hour to mimic Muslim behavior during Ramadan. The Five Pillars of Islam were to be learned, pupils were encouraged to say “Allahu Ackbar” and using dice, the children played a “jihad game”. The materials employed at the school stated: “From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims.” The games were neither new, nor exclusive to Excelsior. In 1994 the Joseph Kerr Junior High School in Elk Grove, California displayed a banner stating “There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet” while children ran around in Islamic garb.

There are those that refused to have our young children dhimmified by Islamist propaganda.

In summer of 2002, Byron Union School District, which governs Excelsior, became subject of a lawsuit. This suit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center said of the Islamic sessions at Excelsior: “No federal court would have permitted a class where public school students were taught to ‘become Catholics’ for three weeks, selected a saint’s name, wore identification tags that displayed their new name and a Crucifix, and engaged in Catholic religious practices. Here, however, students were subjected to Islamic religious indoctrination and propaganda and the courts turned a blind eye. The Supreme Court missed an opportunity to demonstrate that the Establishment Clause is to be applied the same to all religions and is not just a weapon to be used only against Christians.”

On 10 December 2003 U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton issued a 22 page ruling which claimed that Excelsior was not violating the constitution as it was not indoctrinating students into Islam.

TMLC pointed out that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional in 2002. Then, of course, there’s the blatant hypocrisy of Islamic arrogance.

Bash Pharoan, who maintains that Baltimore County School Board is not respectful of Islam, has demanded that Jewish school holidays be banned. This move was made in June 2006 after his three-year campaigns to have the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha introduced into school calendars was not accepted. He described his vindictive proposal thus: “This issue is about equality, about equity.”

I wonder if he had to hold his nose or hold back laughter when he said that.

Issues of holidays are trivial compared to the material which purports to educate students about Islam. If such material is of itself biased, then the primary duty of education is undermined. In 2004, Georgetown University hosted a seminar for teachers, federally funded under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Among the study materials on offer is the “Arab World Studies Notebook”, which makes some bizarre claims, such as Muslims arrived in the Americas before Columbus and spread through the Caribbean and into Canada. This preposterous claim was later removed, but other contentious passages remained, including comments suggesting Jews have no claim to Israel.

Books which promote Islamic radicalism have made their way into school districts through donations. In 2001, the Omar Ibn Khatab Foundation made a donation of 300 Korans, entitled “The Meaning of the Holy Quran”, to Los Angeles city school district. In 2002, these copies of the Koran had to be removed, as it was found that they contained anti-Semitic footnotes, such as: “The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts. Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy.”

Paul Sperry, author of the book ‘Infiltration’, said in an interview with FrontPage Magazine:

Parents would be shocked to know that Muslim consultants on the Saudi government payroll have been teaching their kids about Islam in the public schools as part of world history units on religion. They’re writing lesson plans promoting Islam by instructing kids to recite prayers and verses from the Quran on prayer rugs. They’re covering up all of Islam’s ugly warts, including violent jihad, while denigrating Christianity. The textbook units on Islam they’re editing are so slick they glamorize the faith, and the worry is they’ll inspire future “American Talibans”—or worse, kids like Abu Ali, President Bush’s would-be assassin, who graduated from the same Saudi Islamic academy where the nation’s top public-school consultant on Islamic studies taught social studies. Her name is Susan L. Douglass, but don’t be fooled by her WASP-sounding name. She’s a devout Muslim activist, and her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches at the school, which teaches students to hate Jews and Christians. It’s located right across the Potomac from DC.

WorldNetDaily has learned that up until last year Douglass taught social studies at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., which teaches Wahhabism through textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. Her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches at the grades 2-12 school, a spokeswoman there confirmed. Both are practicing Muslims. The Saudi government funds the school, which has a sister campus in Fairfax, Va.

“It is a school that is under the auspices of the Saudi Embassy,” said Ali al-Ahmed, executive director of the Washington-based Saudi Institute, a leading Saudi opposition group. “So the minister of education appoints the principal of the school, and the teachers are paid by the Saudi government.” He says many of the academy’s textbooks he has reviewed contain passages promoting hatred of non-Muslims.

This is out and out propaganda by our enemy. Saudi Arabia is no friend of the West but because we are stuck on its oil tit we are allowing their vile misinformation and half-truths to flood into our schools and seep into our children’s minds.

Here’s another example in our schools. An innocuous little crossword puzzle used for indoctrination.

Khalid Chahhou, who was in his first year of teaching in Johnston County, gave students a worksheet in which they were to translate words and find them within a word-search puzzle. Some students started uncovering strange words in the process. “There were words like ‘kill,’ then I saw it said ‘destroy America,'” Eric Herrera said.

Chahhou, who also teaches Arabic at a religious school affiliated with the Islamic Association of Cary, told WRAL in a telephone interview that students got the wrong message from the assignment. “When I made the assignment, I was upset and angry about a story I recently saw on the news. If any message appears, it is more of a message to myself, not to my students. I never meant to hurt or upset any students or parents,” he said.

Yep. Happens everyday. Most teachers insert messages to themselves into school assignments when they’re upset over a news story.

And the hits keep on coming. Check out this list of California School Districts infiltrated by Islamic Propaganda – and wince. The list is long and frightening. Then read about the TCI History Alive! textbook used in many pubic schools at the Citizens for Truth in Education web site.

Because of the ignorance of our history teachers and their administrator’s fear of being labeled politically incorrect, our government school and many others in the land are now turning out a generation that has only one perspective of Islam; one which Islamists want them to adhere to.

All of these attempts and successes are from, as of now, a small minority of Muslims in this country. But as Raphael Israeli says in an article, The New Demographic Balance in Europe and its Consequences, a Muslim minority power seeks to divide and conquer its host countries. An example he gives is how in Europe, Muslims “demand their own school systems, in their own native languages, financed by the host state and, in the long run, to its own detriment.”

If that isn’t a perfect definition of a foreign invasion I don’t know what is.

America has been warned about the dangers of allowing this infiltration of our schools to continue. Will we be good students and learn in time.
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