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The jihad school in Brooklyn has gotten much press in bloggosphere this past month. Here is a recent development.

May 21, 2007 – San Francisco, CA – – In a recent interview with the Brooklyn Paper Dhabah Almontaser, principal designate of the proposed Khalil Gibran International Academy, stated:

“What will be different [is that] we will be able to infuse historical information into math and science and literature…With any foreign language you engage in, you need to learn the history, culture and customs of the people in order to navigate the language effectively and not offend anyone.”

In response to a question of how “historical information” will be infused into “math…science and literature” she said:

“In math, as you know, algebra originated from the Arab world. So, we’ll look at the historic background of algebra.”

This is indicative of the revisionist pro-Arabist perspective that Khalil Gibran will display under Almontaser’s leadership. It will be politicized education reinforced by the coterie of Islamist groups who are affiliated with the school and who will seek similar influence on KGIA’s educational methodology.

True. The apologists for Islam like to quote chapter and verse on the scientific developments given to the West by Islam. The fact is, it’s not true.

If there was a “father” of algebra is was Diophantus of Alexandria, a Greek who was born around 200 and died nearly 85 years later. The discipline was influenced by others who were working in this field including Indian mathematicians who developed the idea of zero – it is important to note that Arab supremacists have also attempted to claim ownership of this important concept.

While there can be no doubt that Babylonian [present day Iraq] mathematicians were also working in this area and made contributions, to make the broad claim that “algebra originated from the Arab world” looms as the type of political mindset that will be on full display when and if Khalil Gibran becomes a reality.

Reminds me of the days of the USSR when scientific advancements were mentioned, they were attributed to Marxists and or Soviets.

And what about the New York Department of Education? Will they allow this kind of propaganda be exposed to young minds?

Because of Mayor Bloomberg’s heavy-handed presence in this matter [assigning Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott the job of enforcer] and with DOE’s attempts to steamroll Boerum Hill’s parents into submission, the public has become rightly skeptical over statements coming out of “official” sources.

There is a lockdown mentality that defines the DOE’s attitude at this point with spokesperson Meyers having failed to answer numerous telephone and email requests for clarifications regarding Khalil Gibran from these writers. New York’s DOE has even taken the unprecedented step of gagging its own administrators, instructing them to make no public comments on KGIA.

And of course dhimmitude plays an important role in the DOE’s response.

Looking at the level of discussion surrounding the question of this school, especially that coming out of DOE, the Mayor’s office and the teacher’s unions, the defects of the multicultural/diversity at any price mindset become apparent. This philosophy hamstrings intellectual exchange in such matters because it considers asking questions as to cultural predilections and relevant historical fact outside the bounds of propriety, viewing them as inherently racist.

The school will teach the Arabic language from 3-5 PM every day after school That’s more time than any other subject taught at the school posing a real concern.

Furthermore it’s foolish to ignore the fact that Arabic is the language of the Quran, and that fluency in Arabic is looked upon by those who engage in da’wa as a prerequisite to greater understanding of Islam and as such is highly supported by Islamists worldwide.

Finally there is the realization that there are as Almontaser states, “millions of dollars in federal funding that are available to education systems to teach Arabic.”

At this late stage the first rule of political behavior – “follow the money – becomes operative.

But we are dealing with an educated leadership in New York – right? Wrong!

Randi Weingarten – a new and powerful supporter of KGIA – the president of the New York City teacher’s union, was recently in the words of the New York Times, “left flummoxed by a question about fractions on a radio show.”

Weingarten was confronted by the pop-quiz while appearing on a WNYC radio talk show during which host, Mike Pesca asked her, “What is 1/3 plus 1/4?” The teacher’s union president was unable to answer the question and stated that she would have to write the problem [sixth grade level] down on paper before she could answer it. Another guest on the program quickly and correctly provided the answer, 7/12ths.

Perhaps no shame should accrue to this lapse since most of Weingarten’s charges – New York City’s school children – display the same level of ignorance.

Keeping the dhimmi ignorant of the Islamist agenda is an important tactic of the Islamists. They have a great start in Brooklyn dhimmifying our children.

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