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Newsweek reports allegations of embezzlement, abuse and hate speech at one of DC’s most prominent mosques, The Islamic Center of Washington. The center has been around since 1957, well established and well-known. President Bush made a speech at the mosque earlier this summer talking about – yes, you guessed – How Islam is a religion of peace.

I wonder when a politician will have the guts to say one day the following:

“My fellow Americans. Islam is one of the world’s great religions. Islam means submission. Submission to the will of Allah in all things.”

I wonder how the Muslim leadership and organizations like CAIR react to such a statement. It’s true and doesn’t necessarily put Islam in a bad light. It just explains it in more detail. Would be interesting to see.

Anyway, back to the Newsweek article.

Now the Islamic Center has become immersed in a nasty court battle marked by charges of embezzlement, abuse of women and an alleged attempt to spread radical messages of hate.
The fireworks began earlier this year when federal prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against the recently ousted business manager of the mosque, Farzad Darui. A later five-count indictment charged that Durui, an Iranian native who formerly served as the mosque’s security chief, embezzled more than $430,000 in five years—in part by altering checks and diverting mosque funds to corporate entities he controlled.

This week, Darui returned fire. He claimed in papers filed in federal court in the District of Columbia that the charges against him had been manufactured by unnamed Saudi government officials as part of a scheme to oust him from his post. Their goal, Darui maintains, was to claim control over the mosque after Darui resisted Saudi efforts to have “radical” Wahhabi figures deliver messages of intolerance there.

OOPS! How did that fact get into an article from a MSM, apologetic media source? Radical Wahhabi elements in a long-standing reputable western mosque of tolerance? Someone better tell the State Department.

“Because Darui barred Islamic radicals, from the [Islamic] Center, the Saudis, via the Center, have falsely accused him of embezzlement,” Darui’s filing claims. He seeks to have all charges against him dismissed. The filing was prepared by his lawyer, Washington attorney Victoria Toensing.

Darui’s filing also takes aim at the mosque’s longtime director, Abduallah M. Khouj, a Saudi national and former official of the Saudi-funded Muslim World League. Darui claimed in the court filing that the funds he was accused of embezzling were in fact received as repayment of debts that he incurred for the “housing and feeding of Khouj’s …‘wives,’ or mistresses.” In one case, Darui claims in the filing, he made payments on behalf of Khouj to a woman who said she had been held against her will in Khouj’s house.

Darui may be one of those rarely heard of moderate Muslims. He worked for the mosque since 1984 and “has been dedicated to preventing radical fundamentalists” from taking it over. But his efforts, he alleges, brought him into repeated conflicts with Khouj—who as mosque administrator received $600,000 a year in Saudi Embassy funds, his filing says.. “He had to bar from the Center individuals who adhered to a radical form of Wahhabism and whom he considered a serious threat. They were invited to preach by Khouj, but did so at the bidding of the Religious Section. When these radicals preached, it was a message of hate and discrimination against anyone who disagreed.”

Hey – HomeSec! Are you listening? What aren’t you involved in this legal suite? It sounds like this mosque is threat to homeland security.

The conflicts between Darui and Khouj came to a head three years ago when, according to Darui’s court filing, he learned that Khouj was planning to leave and the Saudis intended to replace him with a former director of the Institute for Islamic and Arab Sciences, an organization that has been investigated by U.S. officials for possible links to terrorism. (No charges have been filed against the group.) After Darui sought to thwart the move by calling a rare board meeting, “the Religious Section of the Saudi Embassy began spreading the rumor that Darui was embezzling funds.”

Different time – same fascist tactics.
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