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Back in mid-2007, France started to monitor mosques in their country. That’s right. The poster child for liberal socialism is doing the unheard of. They seem to have no problem with identifying threats to their nation’s security whereas in this country, the Democratic Party in Congress can’t seem to see its way to protect us with a temporary extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Since radical mosques have played a critical role in the radicalization process of terrorists in the past, the Renseignements Généraux (RG), the French internal intelligence service, have been monitoring mosques, their clerics and their sermons since the mid-1990s.

The section of the RG called Milieux Intégristes Violents (Violent Fundamentalist Environment) is in charge of monitoring all 1,700 mosques and Muslim places of worship throughout France. Through their monitoring, they have identified radical mosques in almost every corner of French territory.

Every Friday, sermons are collected through unidentified means, and they are centralized and analyzed. The RG use their analysis to determine which imams are preaching a radical Salafi brand of Islam, or if they are assisting terrorist activities by helping recruitment or granting material support to an operational network.

Very, very smart. Could you imagine this happening in America? The liberals would form a chorus of protest similar to the sound of screeching cats! And yet, one non-government organization is doing just that in America.

The Mapping Shari’a Project. Of course, they’re accused by the Left of Islamophobia at best and racist at worst.

But France is going one step further to make sure their citizens are not used as fodder for OVBL and his ilk.

France has launched a groundbreaking program to educate future imams and Muslim chaplains about the country and its values. The goal: to put a French stamp on Islam, the second largest religion in France. Lisa Bryant has more from Paris.

The courses are being held in an unusual location – the Catholic Institute of Paris, an institution better known for training priests and Christian scholars than Muslim clerics.

WHOA !! NELLY !! Christians teaching Muslims on how to preach! Will wonders never cease in France?

What the year-long program does not do, says Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet is offer theology training.

Too bad.

Experts say the courses fill a critical gap. Most of France’s five to seven million Muslims – the largest Muslim community in Western Europe – were born here. By contrast, roughly 80 percent of the 1,200 imams preaching in French mosques and prayer houses were born overseas. Some cannot converse with their own faithful, much less understand French laws and social customs.

The Catholic Institute’s training has another goal: To ensure a moderate, tolerant Islam flourishes in France, which has been the target of Islamist terrorist attacks.

So, when do we start it here.

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