The sleeper awakes? There just may be a fast growing resistance to the Islamification of Europe.

Finally, the people will have a chance to air their grievances against the Islamification of Europe. The SOIE, ‘Stop Islamification of Europe’, demonstration will occur outside the European Parliament in Brussels on September 11th 2007. Hat tip to Veronica.

And this is no small group of protestors. The organizers of the demonstration are:

Stop Islamification Of Europe (SIOE) is an alliance of people across Europe with the single aim of preventing Islam becoming a dominant political force in Europe. It originated with the joining of Stop Islamseringen Af Danmark (SIAD) a political party dedicated to stopping the Islamification in Denmark with a loose association of people in England whose rallying cry “No Sharia Here” who want to maintain English law and stop the creeping growth of sharia law in England. SIOE is growing in Europe with the amalgamation of similarly minded groups.

The aims of SOIE:

  • SIOE exists to legally combat the overt and covert expansion of Islam in Europe.
  • SIOE condemns racism as the lowest form of human stupidity, but considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense.
  • SIOE states that Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself and some of the hadiths which comprise sharia law.

If you’re in Europe on 9-11-07, join the call.

If you choose not to, then think of this.

Lost in the random individual news items and blog posts of the appeasers of Islam we forget just how pervasive the appeasement is. Daniel Pipes keeps a record of these appeasement activities and the advancement of non-violent political Islam at the Middle East Forum.

Seeing the advancement of the Islamist agenda through lawful Islam brings the threat home like no other. Here is just a sampling of such steps taken by non-Muslims to accommodate Islamists.

  • Sell land at discount prices for building mosques or other Islamic institutions.
  • Ban Hindus and Jews from a jury hearing a criminal case against an Islamist in Great Britain.
  • Allow a prisoner the unheard-of right to avoid strip-searches in New York State.
  • Let students in public (i.e., taxpayer-funded) schools use empty classrooms for prayers in New Jersey.
  • Permit public schools and public airwaves to be used to convert non-Muslims.
  • Recognize polygamous marriages for tax purposes in the United Kingdom.
  • Set aside women only bathing at a municipal swimming pool in France or use taxpayer funds for Muslim women only swimming times in Washington State.
  • Arrange for women-only classes at a taxpayer-supported university.
  • Blame women for being the victims of rape by Muslim men in Norway.
  • Develop a special hijab for female Muslim employees of a leading home furnishing company, sporting the corporate logo.
  • Ban the use of piggybanks—the symbol of frugality—in their advertising by two major British banks.
  • Establish panels, councils, or advisory boards uniquely for Muslims.
  • Authorize Muslim-only neighborhoods or events.
  • Apply the “Rushdie rules” – accepting Islamist intimidation and silencing critics of Islam.
  • Punish anti-Islamic views through the application of criminal charges, as has occurred to critics of Islam in Australia and Canada.
  • Prohibit families from sending pork or pork by-products or “Any matter containing religious materials contrary to Islamic faith” to U.S. military personnel serving in the Middle East.
  • Require that female American soldiers in Saudi Arabia wear U.S. government-issued abayas.

Then there are these recent developments of appeasement.

  • In Italy, the coastal town of Riccione reveals plans to create a women-only section of its famous beach.
  • In the Netherlands, plans are announced to build a Muslim hospital in Rotterdam. Staff will not have to be Muslim but must respect Muslim traditions, and medical personnel will treat only their own sex.
  • In Britain, Lancashire hospitals have begun a pilot program to allow female Muslim patients to wear a burqa-style head-to-toe hospital gown. The change happened without much fuss, but in France a far more tense argument is under way.
  • Should gynaecologists provide (sometimes false) certificates of virginity – and even repair broken hymens – for Muslim women about to marry? The French National College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians opposes these “humiliating” and “macho” practices. But Le Monde reports that faced with the distress of young women – and worried the women could face shame, the refusal of marriage and even violence – many doctors are reluctantly and quietly acceding to such requests.
  • At the same time, the college reports a growing number of cases of verbal and sometimes physical attacks on its male members who treat female Muslims.

We must recognize that appeasement is not correct response to the tactics of political Islam and must resist it wherever it is found. To quote Dean Acheson:

“No people in history have ever survived who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies.”

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