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It’s well know that the Saudi money supported Wahhabi sect has a monopoly on Muslim chaplaincies behind bars and little is being done about it by us. So moderate Muslim prisoners are taking matters into their own hands.

Now that’s a switch.

Moderate Muslim groups have collected stacks of letters from disgruntled prisoners describing sermons in favor of al Qaeda, discrimination and threats against dissident Muslims, confiscation of anti-radical Muslim literature, and similar abuse by Islamist chaplains in prisons. In the absence of relief from penal authorities, however, Muslim victims of radical Islam in America’s jailhouses have been compelled to file legal complaints that, until a few weeks ago, were routinely dismissed.

What a crock. Authorities are being told what these Muslim chaplains are preshing – sedition against the US and what do prison authorities do? Nothing. It takes Muslims and a lawsuit for them to get off the dime?

The main such case has involved a small group of Shia Muslims in the New York prisons, who demand separate religious services, away from Wahhabi control and incitement of anti-Shia hatred by the chaplains. The Shias allege government violation of their rights to equal use of public facilities, as well as pro-Wahhabi favoritism, which is presumably illegal under the First Amendment. In 2006, the Shia prisoners’ suit against the state of New York, entered in federal court, was thrown out–not for the first time.

But in a new and promising development, three members of the federal Second Circuit Appeals Court have overturned the 2006 decision and sent the Shia case, now designated Orafan et al v. Rashid et al, back to the district court for trial. The appeals judges–Roger Miner, José Cabranes, and Paul Crotty–held on September 28, 2007, that issues of religious freedom and the obligation of the prison system to act fairly are unresolved, and must be fully heard.

And what of the state of New York. Dhimmitude at its best.

Unfortunately, the state of New York has established Wahhabism as “official Islam” for convicts.

Isn’t that just peachy? The most virulent stain of Islam is considered official in the state of New York.

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