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I wonder how long and how hard it was for the UK to outlaw institutional discrimination in their country. It took our country a civil war and 100 years of moral indignation that eventually lead to amendments to our Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s. Now in service to the rule of multiculturalism, the UK seems it’s perfectly legal to give one sector of their society the power to discriminate against others.

I would be correct in assuming that 50 years ago, if their was a rule against white people swimming with black people, the British citizens would rise up and protest en mass accusing that government run entity of discrimination and bigotry.

Well, times have change sin the UK and discrimination is the order of the day. In this case – non-Muslims swimming with Muslims. The Daily Mail reports:

When Lee Williams saw a parent-and-toddler session advertised at his local pool, he thought it was the perfect chance to teach his young daughter to swim.

Arriving at the leisure centre already in her swimming costume, two-year-old Darby was desperate to get into the water. But she was left in tears when staff said they were not allowed in the pool because the session was for Muslim women and their children only.

Mr Williams, 34, bitterly criticised Manchester City Council yesterday after it admitted that advertising for the session, on its website and on leaflets, had been misleading. ‘I can understand why Muslim women need to have this kind of session, but the council should not be advertising it as parent and toddler,’ he said. ‘They made out I’d got it wrong, but I had checked on the council’s website for the times.’

But when they arrived, reception staff told Mr Williams he could not swim with Darby because it was a women-only session and they would have to come back later. Despite his protests that he had specifically checked the time of the session, the staff were insistent. It was only when he telephoned the council to complain that he was told the session had been privately booked for Muslim women.

But this not the first incident of Muslim discrimination in the UK.

The incident is the latest in a series of rows between local authorities and the public over swimming lessons for ethnic minority groups.

In December last year, Croydon Council in South London came under fire for running Muslim-only sessions at one of its leisure centres. Non-Muslim members of Thornton Heath leisure centre were angry that they could not swim during the Muslim-only sessions on Saturdays and Sundays unless they obeyed the strict dress code.

For men, this involved wearing shorts which kept the navel hidden and were extended below the knee, while women bathers had to wear a swimming costume which covered their body from the neck down to the ankle. Similarly, Wolverhampton Council and South Lanarkshire local authority have also been criticised for operating women- only swimming for Muslims.

This is not multicultural accomodation. What we have here is one of the non-violent forms of jihad – in this case institutional jihad – working towards the establishment of Shariah law in non-Muslim lands and they’re unaware of their willing decent into dhimmitude.

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