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Does religion trump human health? For some Muslims – it does. And this is causing an uproar in the Belgian medical community.

Grumbling over belligerent males in the obstetrics ward has also made news in Belgium, where two cases in particular made headlines recently. One concerns anesthetist Philippe Becx, who, on the night of August 23, 2007, was called to assist an emergency Caesarian. The doctor arrived to find his path obstructed by the patient’s husband, who said in no case would a man be allowed to care for his wife. Two hours of debate ensued, in which time Dr. Becx explained he was the sole anesthetist on duty. At last an imam was called to broker an accord; this consisted of draping the expectant mother with cloth, and exposing her flesh to the doctor at the injection point alone.

The doctor reluctantly consented, and, after administering the epidural, waited outside the operating room, where he assessed his patient and conversed with the (female) gynecologist through a duty nurse and a door propped ajar.

This is madness, pure and simple. How in the hell can doctor treat a patient using the game of ‘telephone’? You get a group of people in line, one person at one end whispers a sentence and from that pint the message is whispered down the line. The hilarity ensues when last person states the message and it turns out is completely different from what the person said.

The ‘hilarity’ in this case is a dead patient.

Dr. Becx went on to press charges against the man, for hindering a physician in the exercise of his function; but Belgium’s professional association of anesthetists, while sure of the doctor’s right, was unwilling to ascribe motive to the man’s religious convictions, and reading instead a case of gender discrimination. All the same, the organization not only signed the complaint, but also filed civil charges of criminal negligence.

More madness!

Similar, as reported by Brussels’ De Morgen, is the case of Luc Gerguts, chief of gynecology at Geel Sint-Dimpna hospital, who described to a physician’s journal how an angry Muslim prevented him from assisting his wife in a dangerous delivery. The woman had experienced two stillbirths already, he said, and her situation was critical. But when the husband refused to allow Dr. Gerguts to attend to his wife, the doctor yielded, and, following the example of Dr. Becx, dispatched for two experienced midwives, and stationed himself behind the door.

Over in France, things are a little different, but not that much better.

To begin, accommodations like these are ridiculed in the press. France’s most famous cartoonist and political satirist, Plantu, whose work appears on the front page of Le Monde, has, over time, produced several noteworthy panels on Islam in the obstetrics ward. One represents a quarrelsome Muslim, who demands to know the faith of his wife’s physician. The doctor’s answer? “Humanitarian.” The second depicts a similarly threatening male, with pregnant wife in tow, who indicates his own prominent belly and bellows, “She hurts here.”

A communiqué (in French), titled “Obstetrician-Gynecologists Support Women Against Muslim Fanaticism,” carries the names of the President and Secretary-General of the College of Gynecology; and reads: “We say, in no uncertain terms, that we will continue to administer services where physicians, male or female, will care for patients of either sex”. And, to close:

Don’t we have a duty to protect women against assaults on their freedom? 30 years ago, Muslim women arrived at our hospitals, thinking nothing to be seen by physicians who were most often male […], and one neither experienced this sort of difficulty, nor witnessed this kind of violence. Why this regression? Should we simply resign ourselves to the present situation, and take a great step backwards?

It is the responsibility of Islam to embrace the liberties required for citizens of a modern state, and not the other way around.

And that’s the way it should be and those useful idiots and those are leading the way down the road of dhimmitude better start getting that message. Adapt to us, not the other way around. It’s our culture and you have to live within it.

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