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Associated press reported that a third terror suspect absconds in Britain.

A terror suspect under police surveillance has disappeared, Britain’s top law-and-order official said on Tuesday. The suspect was being monitored under the so-called control order regime, British Home Secretary John Reid said in a written statement to parliamentarians. Under the program, suspects who have not been charged are released from custody but remain under observation and can be electronically tagged, kept under curfew, denied the use of telephones or the Internet, and prohibited from meeting outsiders.

I guess state-of –the-art surveillance technology is not one of Britain’s string suits these days.

The suspect, whose identity is protected by an anonymity order, absconded earlier this month, Reid said. The man was the third terror suspect to disappear while being monitored under the control order.

Reid’s announcement came as the government faced criticism for another Keystone Cop blunder.

On Sunday, the government said it was ordering a review of all criminal databases after acknowledging that files on hundreds of criminals were not entered into police computers. The government insists the mistake — caused by a backlog in processing EU records at Britain’s Criminal Records Bureau — did not lead to any violent or sexual offenders being cleared to work with vulnerable people, such as children.

Right. They just don’t know where they are.

Reid took over at the Home Office in May after former Home Secretary Charles Clarke’s dismissal when it was revealed that foreign criminals were released from prisons without being considered for deportation.

So, did it get better?

On Tuesday, David Davis of the opposition Conservative Party, said: “Far from getting a grip since John Reid took over, the Home Office has been marked by murderers walking out of open prisons and suspected terrorists escaping from control orders.”

So goes the state of Britain today.

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