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With the recent case of the Fort Dix Six and other revelations of home-grown terrorist, the Internet as a jihadist tool has become more and more visible. The Northeast Intelligence Network explored how deep this rabbit hole goes and the infectious threat to our security.

In the world of Internet jihad and the dissemination of information and propaganda, there are various levels of “navigation.” There are the top ranked al Qaeda forums that are password protected – only a limited number of those who investigate terrorism on the Internet can even wiggle their way into these sites. There are the terrorist Blog sites, and then, of course, are the terrorist and “insurgent” groups sites that are on the Internet just as if they were a legitimate business. The latter are particularly upsetting to me, as they are so easy to take down and dismantle, yet we aren’t doing it. There is essentially no official action being taken against these sites that serve as virtual terrorist training camps for any terrorists-in-training with access to a computer.

I’ll list a few here, all of which are quite public and easy to find if you simply look for them. They are all listed in the major search engines, so there are no secrets being divulged by providing this information. Here are just a few examples:
Note the recent date, so it’s safe to say this site is active.
This Jihād is the honor of Islām and it is the way to victory for Islām;
Official website of an insurgent group operating in Iraq;
This is a good place to pick up the latest films from Islamic State of Iraq, no password required;
The official website of insurgent group Jami aka Jaami [Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades];
The official website of insurgent group Jaish al-Mujahideen, a/k/a Army of the Mujahideen;
The official website of Jaish al-Rashideen.

This above list is just a very limited example of the thousands upon thousands of Islamic terrorist websites, Blogs and forums that exist and thrive on the Internet and are allowed to exist and operate completely unmolested by the authorities. Personally, I have bookmarked over 6,000 jihad websites over the last six years. This isn’t a mystery and this certainly isn’t classified information. The very sad part is that anyone can go to most of these sites without the necessity of passwords or registering, collect information, instructions on a number of terrorist topics, and vanish without a trace.

The author gives some disturbing examples of this unhindered online Jihad.

In one celebrated case, Islamic terrorists have used the name of the children’s film “Finding Nemo” to hide and disseminate terrorist training manuals and films. While I will not identify the URL to the unprotected website that contains the complete set of “NEMO manuals,” they can be found with relative ease. If you search properly, the chances are good that you too can find them in a relatively short period of time.

So why aren’t the authorities doing something about these site. The appeasers and apologists have no qualms of outing this blogs and news sites and videos that they claim are Islamophobes. That seems to be of prominent importance to them.

If there is an explosion, a subway bombing or plane hijacking, you can bet that professional and amateur researchers and analysts, the media, and even some government researchers will look everywhere EXCEPT for the actual source of the training manuals, training films, and other important documents of value.

The ironic part is many of these sites are based and hosted on American servers, right here and here and here in the USA.

Want to try and find them yourself? Then do this. Enter the Arabic translation of the word “Jihad” into Google. This is it:


You will see literally thousands of listings. Use the Google translation engine for the pages and see a window onto the world of Jihad.

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