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Forget fight school in Arizona. Save that dirty money earned by selling poppies from Afghanistan which the NATO forces can’t seem to figure out what to do about them, and run – don’t walk – to the Internet.

A pro-terrorist web site last week posted a series of video links that reveal how to teach people to fly a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, an indication that terrorists are still planning to use hijacked aircraft in future attacks.

The web site posted a statement “On the Anniversary of Manhattan’s Attack, 18 Videos Teaching You How To Fly a Boeing 747.” The statement contains a link to to learn about the Boeing 747 aircraft and 18 links to videos teaching how to fly a Boeing 747 aircraft with narration in Arabic.

The 18 videos were made available for downloading and were described as “high-quality.”

The videos include several sections including numerous Flight Management Computer videos, instruction on taxi, take off, ascending and autopilot, as well as gradual descent. Additional videos explain how to conduct an approach and landing, taxi to terminal, and turning off the engines.

“Then, to those who do not need to learn the last three parts, choose any target you wish and continue what the lion Sheikh Osama Bin Laden , God protect him, started,” the report said.

How freekin’ nice.

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