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It seems even a dhimmi has his limits.

When Al-Jazeera English decided to enter the US market with their seditious propaganda news organization, they wanted to put an Anglo-Saxon face on their new US channel. I assume they felt the ‘balanced news’ they reported would go down easier if coming from the mouth of an American. One of the reporters they found willing to take the job was “Nightline” reporter Dave Marash.

But it seems Marash has had enough of the anti-American bias at Al-Jazeera English.

Former “Nightline” reporter Dave Marash has quit Al-Jazeera English, saying Thursday his exit was due in part to an anti-American bias at a network that is little seen in this country.

Marash said he felt that attitude more from British administrators than Arabs at the Qatar-based network.

Yep. It’s those damn British spewing the muck not the innocent Arabs.

Marash was quick to explain why their was bias at Al-Jazeera English. That’s right. It’s Bush’s fault.

“Given the global feelings about the Bush administration, it’s [the anti-American bias] not surprising,” Marash said.

But he found it “became so stereotypical, so reflexive” that he got angry.

Even a dhimmi can swallow only so many lies. Of course Al-Jazeera English denies nay anti-American bias. They’re fair and balanced.

Will Stebbins, Washington bureau chief for Al-Jazeera English, denied any bias against Americans.

“We certainly evaluate U.S. policy rigorously,” he said. “But we do our best to give everyone a fair shout.”

Well, given that, the US cable companies are beating down Al-Jazeera’s doors to have them on their systems. Right?

Al-Jazeera English has been largely unsuccessful in getting U.S. cable or satellite systems to pick it up, except for the municipal cable system in Burlington, Vt., and a small system visible in Toledo and Sandusky, Ohio. But its programming is available on the network’s YouTube site.

“We were sorry to see Dave go,” he said.

I bet. They’ll have to go out and find another Tokyo Rose or Lord HawHaw to spew their propaganda.

Hey! How about CNN!

Marash, who’s being replaced by former CNN International host Shihab Rattansi, said he was the last American-accented anchor at the network, which broadcasts from Washington, London, Kuala Lumpur and Doha, Qatar.

Oh. They already thought of that.

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