From The Gathering Storm

And while our attention is diverted by our clueless leaders and the apologists and appeasers of Islamism, this is what’s happening behind our backs. Issa Smith writes in the American Muslim that Native American courts can be used as a precedent for Islamic courts in the US.

Although the Muslim community in North America is vastly different from the Indian community, I feel that in developing a plan for the implementation of Muslim family law, we can in some ways imitate the paradigm of the tribal court system and its supporting network. In particular, I recommend that as a first step, supporting organizations dealing with Islamic family law be established immediately. A professional association of Muslims in the law field (of whatever specialty) is a must. A law school students’ support group should be formed, and Muslim youth should be encouraged to enter this field.

A second step would be to establish institutes in the U.S. which can supplement legal education with courses in Islamic family law. At the same time, pressure should be put on law schools to include courses in Shariah taught by Muslims.

Could they be any more blatant in their plans? It’s institutional jihad at its stealthiest.

An idea suggested in several quarters and being developed by the American Muslim Council, is the moot court where students and legal experts can act out Muslim family court scenarios.

Hey America? Anybody home! Look! Wake up! What will it take before we understand that these supposed moderate Muslim organizations in this country are in league with the Islamists and are using the non-violent tactics of institutional, cultural, media, financial, demographic, economic, litigation jihads? When are we going to do anything about these traitorous organizations?

The process of implementing Muslim family law will not be accomplished overnight.

How many times have we’ve been told that the Islamists are working on ‘Theocracy on the 100 years plan’?

Changes of their type take place very slowly in American society, and our community is far from being prepared for this task. I commend the continental council of Masajid for organizing this conference, and bringing together so many workers and thinkers. I pray to Allah the real decisions are made here that can be implemented by those ready to work. However, I strongly urge that consideration be given to political realities and the sensitivities of the American public.

Right. Let’s not get the dhimmis too upset. They might catch on to something.

Such a radical change in American law—allowing Muslims to take control over their family law issues – must be initiated from the indigenous Muslim community here in the United States.

Having Muslim politicians in office should go a long way in helping that come being. That was also one of the strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood Project and their 100 year plan.

To have it seem that this initiative is originating from overseas or from organizations financed overseas, would create a very negative impression that would likely destroy this effort.

Unbelievable, huh? There it is in black and white. Is CNN on this? Yeah, right.
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