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Ohio is set to become the next center of terrorist support. Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media is asking for help to protest Ohio’s Block Communications Cable TV’s decision to air the pro-terrorist Al-Jazeera English Channel. From the 910 Group.

“Toledo includes a significant Arab-Muslim population, and Al-Jazeera has been shown to play a role in radicalizing members of this group. In effect, Al-Jazeera has emerged as a “root cause” of anti-American terrorism. Could Block’s decision spark more terrorism on American soil? A terrorist plot involving planned attacks on U.S. forces was already uncovered in Toledo, as reported by the Toledo Blade, one of Block’s newspapers, on March 21.

All of this is documented in the AIM DVD Terror Television: The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate America Media.

But Block told the Voice of America, in a story headlined, “Al Jazeera TV Gets Toe-hold in Toledo,” that because the channel is based in Qatar, an alleged U.S. ally and home to a U.S. military base, that makes everything okay. According to that Voice of America article, “Those backing the channel have reportedly invested more than $1 billion in al Jazeera English, with no plans to cut off the cash flow. Al Jazeera already reaches millions of viewers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Company executives say now, they just need to show U.S. cable operators that if al Jazeera English plays in “middle America,” it will play in all of America.”

You can register your disapproval of the decision to air Al-Jazeera by calling Mr. Block’s office at 419-724-6035. Ask Mr. Block if he would have aired Tokyo Rose during World War II. Please ask Mr. Block why he is willing to distribute a television channel that has encouraged Islamic terrorists to come to Iraq to kill Americans.

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