From The Gathering Storm

It wasn’t enough that al Qaeda used the Internet to spread their propaganda far and wide and teach terrorist the tricks of the trade. Now al Qaeda has gone one step further. Command & Control.

Al Qaeda is winning the internet battle and is using the internet not only for propaganda but for “command-and-control”. It’s true.

One caveat, over the past several weeks there has been a chorus of complaints from the online jihadis that their websites are going down one by one. The lesson is that when we choose to fight, we win. The problem not that we can’t win, it’s that we have not yet begun to fight. To paraphrase Churchill, “Give us the tools and we will win the war.”

Cooper, who was joined by Rick Eaton, the Center’s senior researcher, told the lawmakers that even as intelligence and law enforcement agencies try to make inroads in their online investigations, Al Qaeda is already ahead in what they call the “electronic jihad” by using the tools of Web 2.0PDAs, cell phones, RMS and SMSwhich rely less on websites and more on one-to-one communications.

“On the eve of the sixth anniversary of 9/11, we have to be honest with ourselves,” continued Cooper. “Al Qaeda and others who promote a culture of death are winning the battle of the Internet. From command-and-control to recruitment, they are ahead of the curve.”

So, when do we start the counteroffensive? Or is it just up to the anti-jihadits in the blogosphere?

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