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Shortly after the recent terrorist bombing attempts in London and Glasgow, the BBC printed some Muslim responses to the bomb attacks. It’s fascinating to see the their schizophrenic responses.


“There is never any justification for killing innocent human beings, yet myself and my husband suffer verbal abuse from ignorant people who wish to paint all Muslims with the same brush.”I just want people to know that I don’t wear Muslim dress to scare people, it’s just to cover me – it’s not a symbol of aggression or terrorism.”

Excuse me. Your Muslim dress is a symbol of aggression. Aggression against Western culture which Muslims would prefer not to live under according to recent polls.

And from the mouthpiece of the Islamists….


“There have been some low-level incidents up until now – you expect it from a minority.”But I think there’s a recognition that Muslims have been as bewildered as anyone about this. “And conceivably there’s only two things that we can do – the first is to make it clear that there’s no theological justification for any of this, and we’ve been doing that for years and will continue to do so.”

Low-level incidents? Jeeez! As for “no theological justification”, I don’t see the Muslim Association of Britain demanding radical mosques that teach their followers to kill the infidel be shut down.

And from the mouthpiece of Mr. Ramadan…


“Foreign policy is a contributing factor to Britain being an increased risk. That’s not my view, that’s the view expressed by senior politicians across the board.

And …..


“I do not feel safe in this country. On the one hand I have to worry about terrorists’ attacks, and on the other hand I have to worry about having my house being raided on the guesswork of being a terrorist. “To top all this, the foreign policy of this country targets my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan to mention a few.”

Yep – it’s the foreign policies fault. I disagree so I get to kill you.


“I believe that the Muslim community and the general public, both of whom are feeling unsafe from these attacks, need to stand united against all forms of terrorism. “Also we need to look at the root causes of terrorism to eliminate this dangerous threat as indeed there are many factors why this may be taking place.”

But are you brave enough, once rooted out, to actively destroy those roots? I‘m talking about the virulent ideology of Political Islam – Islamism.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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