From The Gathering Storm

Here’s what “being a friend of the Palestinian people” gets you in Gaza.

A little known Palestinian militant group announced on Sunday that it has executed BBC journalist Alan Johnston, who was abducted by masked gunmen in the Gaza Strip more than a month ago. According to fliers distributed in Gaza, Johnston was killed recently by a group calling itself “The Battalions of Jihad and Tawheed in Palestine,” which is believed to be affiliated with Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network.

The group promised to release a video of Johnston’s execution in the coming days.

There has been no confirmation of Johnston’s death and we hope that for his and his family’s sake that the report from the Jihadist group is false.

The enormous irony of this is that so many of Alan Johnston’s broadcasts from Gaza tended to apologize for Palestinian terrorism. His father’s first public appeal to his captors on his behalf spoke of him as *a friend of the Palestinian people.* Most ironic of all, the NUJ, of which presumably Alan was a member, has just voted in a grandstanding display of gesture politics to boycott Iaraeli goods in support of a one-sided condemnation of Israel.

Given the BBC’s record of dhimmitude, maybe they will wise up and realize that media outlets that claim to be ‘neutral’ news agencies like them, the NYT, CNN and LA Times are not neutral in this war against this virulent Islamist ideology.
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