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It seems the liberal Left has its panties in a bunch over the growing popularity of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The author of a column at Badger Herald is all in huff about the term Islamo-fascist. Like any good lefty he consulted his dictionary and came up with this definition.

Anyone knowledgeable about politics can tell you that fascism — a system where citizens are subservient to the state — is the antithesis of radical Islam — a system where practitioners are subservient to the Quran.

Umm…excuse me. You are not knowledgeable about politics, sir. Fascism is the correct word because – and this is where the Islamic apologist show their ignorance of political history – Islam is the State. Islam is both a religion and a socio-political system of thought. Islamism is the proper term for the ideology and Islamo-fascist is the correct term for those who practice it.

But the author the piece only starts to show his ignorance.

David Horowitz, the infamous architect of Students for Academic Freedom — which, despite its name, threatens academic freedom in college classrooms to promote its own conservative agenda — is no stranger to controversy.

Ah! Finally! A moon bat shows his true colors! If you promote a conservative agenda you are against academic freedom. Could it be that it’s the other way around. That in most colleges and universities today if you’re not advancing a liberal agenda than you are not free to state your academic position?

Does he hear himself talking at all? Or is the din of political correctness in his brain muting any sounds of logic. He goes on digging his hole deeper.

Coining the oxymoron “Fascist Islam” has allowed radical Zionists like Mr. Horowitz to compare today’s terrorists with Germany’s Nazis, evoking shameful and chilling reminders of the Holocaust to help justify Israel’s aggressive military policies and America’s support for them.

Wrong again Mr. Liberal. Have you read in about the president of Iran who threatened to create a second holocaust and wipe Israel off the map? It was in all the papers. What would call that? Multiculturalism or Nazism?

And then the liberal pulls the ‘ol “if you’re not a Muslim how can you know what Islam is about” trick out of his hat.

Many of the speakers are not only completely out of touch with the mainstream; they lack the qualifications or general credibility to foster intellectual discussions on Islam, terrorism, or women’s rights.

Yet it is at universities where attempts to analyze and understand threats to American security help create critical research for government intelligence and public intellectualism. So in what lapse of rational thought did efforts to “understand” the enemy amount to being “sympathetic” to them? American universities were not the breeding grounds for the nineteen men who crashed planes into U.S. buildings six years ago. American universities are not responsible for recruiting Iraqi insurgents to kill U.S. soldiers or inciting suicide bombers to blow up people in Gaza.

Let’s see. Universities, by ‘understanding the enemy’ helped to create critical research for government intelligence. Yep. They sure did a lot of good helping to prevent 9-11. And Mr. Liberal, your constant appeasing and apologizing for radial Islam emboldens them in their goal of world domination – oh that’s right, you don’t believe in that – because you show weakness and they are happy to have you as their useful idiot.

It is at these institutions where the rights of Islamic women have been fought for so strongly.

What a crock of buffalo chips! What gall he has! When was the last time Mr. Liberal the femo-nazis demonstrated in front of Muslim embassies against burkas, veiled women form head to toe, honor killings, and clitectomies?

In order to show that a majority of Americans reject this sick strain of racism — just as many Muslims reject terrorists who murder in the name of Islam — campus groups like Hillel and College Republicans should take the initiative to co-sponsor an event with the Muslim Students’ Association that is informative, factual and free of the extremist bias of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

Yep. That’s the answer. Get the straight poop on Islam right from the propagandist’s mouth. How about inviting the un-indicted co-conspirators Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, and the North American Islamic Trust in the Hamas funding case while you’re at it.

Anything less would be a sign of complacency.

Talk about twisting reality. It’s you who are being complacent. We are not. That’s the purpose and need of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

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