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We hear it time and time again about the tolerance of Islam. Let’s see how tolerant they were last week.

Pakistan Detains Christian Woman For “Insulting” Islam
Police took Martha Bibi into custody late Monday, January 22, in the town of Kot Nanak Singh in District Kasur, southeast of the city of Lahore, after the local Imam urged Muslims to attack the Christian family saying “Martha uttered derogatory words against the Holy Prophet Muhammad,” said the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) advocacy group.

“On hearing the continuous announcement [from the mosque] and voices of people outside who were gathered to attack her home, Martha’s family left to hide in one of the neighboring houses,” APMA said. However soon, “police came and arrested Martha Bibi.” She was charged under section 295 C of Pakistan’s controversial Blasphemy Law and could face the death penalty if convicted, APMA. In many cases Christians have however received long prison sentences. Bibi has denied the charges.

Here’s some more tolerance.

Video: Anti-Christian Atrocities During The Anti-Pope Jihad
In the midst of the Papal Jihad, a Nigerian Muslim accused his Christian tailor of blasphemy. Before the ensuring riots were over, sixteen churches had been burned to the ground in a mysteriously coordinated campaign

Even more tolerance.

UK city council bans Holocaust Memorial under Muslim pressure
In A move widely seen to be bowing to Muslim pressure, Bolton Council has scrapped its Holocaust Memorial Day event. The council is to replace it with a Genocide Memorial Day in June. This is in line with the policy of the Muslim Council of Britain, which continues to boycott HMD and is asking for a Genocide Day, which will also mark “the ongoing genocide and human rights abuses of Palestinians” by Israelis. The council decision was made in consultation with the town’s Interfaith Council.

We have such a plethora of tolerance!

Bethlehem Christians Break Silence on Muslim Oppression
After many years of the mainstream media’s annual story about mean Israelis stealing Bethlehem’s Christmas (see here for a comical example), the truth has been revealed. Christians are fleeing every Muslim-majority territory because of the apartheid discrimination encouraged by Muslim sharia law. Land theft works because the testimony of non-Muslims is weighed less in every sharia court in the world.

Pakistan: Tortured brick makers refuse to embrace Islam
Steadfast Christian faith sustains them through month-long imprisonment. Two brothers who used to work at a brick kiln have escaped from what they describe as a kidnapping and torture by the business owner, who wanted them to convert from Christianity to Islam, according to a new report from Voice of the Martyrs, a U.S.-based Christian group helping members of the persecuted Christian church worldwide.

And here’s some visual proof provided by the Roncesvalles blog.

The caption reads:

You’re initially drawn in by the youngster’s sad eyes, but then react in horror to the lock and chains wrapped around his ankles. G.M.B. Akash was visiting a [Quran] village school in Dhaka, where this young boy was restrained as punishment for refusing to study.
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