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Much has been written about the Islamafication of Europe but resistance has so far been either non-existent, in collusion with the Islamists or generally non-violent when it does occur. But an Anti-Jihad organization called “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” has kindled another crisis.

In Denmark, the chairman of the extreme rightist association that wants the enforcement of a ban on the Koran, claiming it has violent content, has now founded an organization of ‘armed fighting with Muslims against Jihad.’

The publication of the Prophet Mohammad caricatured as a terrorist in a Danish newspaper in 2005 led to the uprising of Muslims. Within the passing time, the caricature crisis has settled; however, the Islam-Christianity fight and racist approaches have started to rise.

Anders Gravers, who filed a complaint against the Koran containing violence, has established an organization named “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark,” which has kindled another crisis.

According to a smear campaign orchestrated by the Danish newspaper Nyhedsavisen.

Gravers has founded an association “Anti-Jihad” in Denmark and has said they will have an armed fight against Muslims. The group is made up of SIAD, Frit Danmark, Nationale Danskere, I Media, og Frie Danske Nationalister. The new entity is trying to gather the other extreme rightist foundations under the same roof.

This is not true according to On the Wing and Gates of Vienna.

The article describes this collection of non-political associations as being armed and dangerous and colours them as extreme right wing fanatics. All of that is simply not true. Furthermore, the article by “journalist” Rune Eltard-Sørensen, also states that the Center for Vigilant Freedom formed the group. Which is also not true.

SIAD chairman Anders Gravers has of course replied. Here are some excerpts of the letter.

“Armed network will stop Islam in Denmark” is full of misrepresentation and lies.

Firstly, the title in itself is a direct lie. The Anti-jihad movement is not armed. During a telephone interview on the 7th May the SIAD Chairman clearly stated that Anti-jihad operates only within the framework of the law, as Rune Eltard-Sørensen was clearly interested in this and was this the case?

The subtitle in the article states: “With loaded weapons and support from abroad, a newly formed extreme right wing group will set the agenda concerning the debate on immigration”. As mentioned before, there are no weapons in the Anti-jihad movement. Anti-jihad is neither left, right nor middle orientated. We have no political agenda as such, in that we are broadspectered and have only one goal, That is, to stop the islamisation of Denmark. To call us right wing extremists is a direct lie.

Further in the article is stated: “On saturday Anti-jihad will take to the streets and demonstrate for “more freedom for citizens – less control over gangs”. The initiative is aimed at concentrating the debate on immigration”. Once again, a lie. Our slogan is “more freedom for citizens – more control over gangs”, which can be clearly read on our website, www.

When you can’t win a debate with your opponent then lie. The leftist controlled media in Eurabia has that tactic down pat.
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