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Those in the peace movement suffer under a major misunderstanding about peace.

In an article in Dissident Voices, the writer states:

Men keep going to war. They go for many reasons. The only defensible reason, however, is self-defense – of one’s family, one’s community, one’s country.

Typical of a liberal mind. If it were true that the only reason to go to war was for self-defense then we would never had helped Germany and Japan – and by the way, just about any enemy we ever fought – reestablish its nation after we defeated it. The logic of the article would follow that we smash and eradicate the nation so it can never threaten us again.

History proves other wise. We go to war for more than self-defense. We go to war for JUSTICE. And this is where the peaceniks are wrong.

Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is the presence of justice.

And the best way we have found so far to preserve justice in a society is to establish some form of democracy. And no, not the democracy that the Bush administration supports in Iraq and Afghanistan where they have helped set up a future theocracy, but a true form of democracy based on the Bill or Rights and an Establishment Clause in the Constitution.

Both are missing in the Iraq and Afghanistan constitutions.

So let’s see the peace movement walk the streets of the world demanding that every country form a democracy and instill the basic human rights due to every man, woman and child on this planet. Then they can talk of ending war. But they will find it unnecessary.

Waging war will cease on its own because there has never been a case where one democracy has deliberately waged war against another democracy. It just doesn’t happen.


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