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A recent leftist rant in BlogCritics Magazine tried – again – to place the radicalization of Muslims on our attempts to defend ourselves against the Salafist elements of Islam. What the writer fails to understand is that it’s not Salafist or any other orthodox form of Islam that threatens our world today but the ideology that individual Muslims hold that poses the danger.

In other words, not all branches of fundamental Islam advocate violence, but all contribute to the process of radicalization. The article is perfect example of this willful or unconscious misunderstanding. It’s just and another form of disinformation that Islam’s useful idiots spew on a daily basis.

This is from Asma Khalid, a Muslim woman pursuing her master’s degree in Middle Eastern/Islamic studies at the University of Cambridge, England and proves my point. The ignorance of her position is telling.

I am a Muslim who embraces peace. But, if we must attach stereotypical tags, I’d rather be considered “orthodox” than “moderate.” “Moderate,” in this context, implies that Muslims who are more orthodox are somehow backward and violent and that, in our current cultural climate, progress and peace are restricted to “moderate” Muslims. To be a “moderate” Muslim is, thus, to be a “good,” malleable Muslim in the eyes of Western society.

Notice her choice of words – a moderate must be a “malleable Muslim”. By malleable does she mean adhering to modern concepts of personal freedoms, civil rights, and secular government? I think so because…

True orthodoxy is simply the attempt to adhere piously to a religion’s tenets.

In her eyes do those religious tenets supersede the hard earned Western tenets of freedom and democracy? And by supporting her fundamental orthodox Salafist religious tenets, tenets that drives Muslim violence throughout the world, isn’t she contributing to the process of radicalization? Ms. Khalid, the end result of your pious adherence to your religious tenets leads to this. From the Pedestrian Infidel.

In Malaysia, the JAKIM (Islamic Affairs Department or the dreaded Morality Police) arrest people for kissing. Then they steal dead bodies from their grieving families. Then they harass foreign tourists in the middle of the night and demand ‘proof of religion’ documentation. And they hold innocent people indefinitely on the grounds of “religious rehabilitation.” Now, Malaysia’s Taliban has opted for a new ‘enforcement tactic’ – the kidnapping of entire families.

The writer of the article ends her diatribe against America’s need for self-defense with this showing of her unbelievable defense of extremism.

If the U.S. wants to continue fighting every Muslim who does not fall into their category as a moderate Muslim, either because they follow a particular strand of the religion or don’t agree with the U.S.’ actions in and policies for Muslim countries, then they will be fighting forever. I just hope they realize that having an extreme belief in true Islam does not make you a terrorist, before a “clash of civilizations” becomes a dreadful reality.

BUZZ!! WRONG!! It’s not an extreme belief in true Islam that makes a Muslim the enemy of modern civilization but the ideology of Islamism that he or she holds that distinguishes them as a Jihadist – either the violent or non-violent kind.

In a nutshell – it’s the ideology, stupid!

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