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The Islamic world is faced with so many challenges to their culture that they are too numerous to mention. And since Islam is a decentralized religion – meaning its head of the ummah or nation of Muslims, the clerics or imans (anyone who wants to say he’s a cleric) take on the role of authority through the issuances of fatwas (which a Muslim may or may not choose to follow).

Is it any wonder then that such a disorganized faith that feels threatened by the non-Muslim world should not be concerned with issuing fatwas against those that would harm the reputation of the faithful and ‘highjack’ their religion?

Shouldn’t there be a plethora of fatwas spewing from Muslim clerics mouth against terrorism, suicide bombers, the killing of women and children, the degradation of women, etc. etc. etc?

Nope. Here’s the priority of Muslim clerics in Dubia of UAE.

Muslim preachers across Dubai’s mosques will soon start delivering sermons about the dangers of reckless driving and Islam’s strict stance on the issue. The sermons will be aimed at teaching Muslims about how Islam discourages dangerous activities such as careless driving and how over spending on traffic fines is not Islamic.

The move follows a fatwa (religious decree) issued recently by the Grand Mufti of Dubai Dr. Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al Haddad declaring reckless driving haram (an unislamic act) because it endangers life.

Speeding endangers lives. A fatwa is needed to stop such a hideous affront against Allah. But blowing up women and children and other innocent civilians in the name of their god takes a back seat to traffic fines.
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