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Mariane Pearl is finally going after those responsible for her husband’s brutal and barbaric death. A Pakistani bank.

A key Pakistan bank Thursday denied allegations by the widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl that it was involved in providing financial services to Al-Qaeda and others.

Habib Bank, which was privatized in February 2004 with management control given to the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, denied the allegations.

‘These allegations are baseless. Habib Bank is a professional bank and we have never been involved in any terrorism,’ Zafar Aziz Osmani, senior executive vice-president of Habib Bank, told Agence France-Presse.

‘I firmly deny all these allegations. In 2002, the bank was owned by the government of Pakistan, which cannot be involved in such activities,’ he said.

Well, that’s one hellava’ defense. The same government that is aiding the Taliban.

The Pakistan government has repeatedly denied that it provides any military support to the Taliban in its diplomacy regarding its extensive operations in Afghanistan.82 Of all the foreign powers involved in efforts to sustain and manipulate the ongoing fighting, Pakistan is distinguished both by the sweep of its objectives and the scale of its efforts, which include soliciting funding for the Taliban, bankrolling Taliban operations, providing diplomatic support as the Taliban’s virtual emissaries abroad, arranging training for Taliban fighters, recruiting skilled and unskilled manpower to serve in Taliban armies, planning and directing offensives, providing and facilitating shipments of ammunition and fuel, and on several occasions apparently directly providing combat support.

Mariane Pearl wants the truth. “I am looking for the truth of what happened to Daniel, for our family, our friends, and the public record.”

She’s using the case to “delve deeper into the investigation, and to bring accountability and punishment to those involved with his kidnapping, torture and murder,” she said. But I doubt that. For Mariane, it’s not the jihadists who are to blame, nor virulent Islamist ideology and those that preach in its support to hundreds of thousands of Muslims with willing ears. Didn’t she see a Mighty Heart? The explanation is all in the movie. It was the existence of Camp Delta that killed him.

It seems it’s not about justice for Mariane. It’s about the money.

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