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In a counter propaganda move to offset the successful Islamo-Fascism Week held on campuses around the country several weeks ago, The Muslim Student Union of UC Irvine held several events to showcase Islam Awareness Week.

Put on your high boots because you won’t get out of this post without a big shovel!

The first speaker was Yvonne Ridley. You’ll remember her as the British reporter who snuck into Afghanistan to do a story on the Taliban and got more than she bargained for. She was captured and the persuasive powers of the Taliban made her have a change of heart and she left as a convert to Islam. And of course, she wrote a book about Afghanistan that read like a Fodor’s travel guide.

After entering a small village near Jalalabad in Afghanistan, Ridley experienced a “hospitality that was only outstripped by curiosity.” Ridley explained that when the locals found out she was a foreigner, instead of retreating, they spoke with her about their experiences post-9/11. Many did not understand what those attacks had to do with Afghanistan, as the hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia.

Ridley described herself as having many of the typical Western stereotypes of Muslim women. However, after speaking with a few Afghan women, she quickly found that they were not “quiet Afghan women hiding,” but “larger than life” and very well educated.

Ahhh…How sweet! I guess being a woman in Afghanistan is something close to paradise. I wonder where these women she spoke to got an education since schooling is forbid for women by the Taliban.

Ridley refused to convert to Islam when asked to do so by a religious cleric. However, she promised to read the Qur’an and learn more about Islam if they let her go. Instead, she was moved to the “grimmest third-world prison.” Four days later, she was released into Pakistan.

I wonder at that time she felt a like a woman ‘larger than life’. But Ridley kept her promise like a good submissive woman should and the rest is – a book.

Is this BS getting deep enough for you? No? Then wait.

Summer Bowie, a fourth-year dance major, learned about the role of women in Islam from Ridley’s lecture. She “didn’t know Muslim women played such big roles in Iraq and Afghanistan … and about women’s role in Islam.”

Yeah – as punching bags. Sheeezz.

And here it comes….

On Wednesday at Noon, Amir Abdel Malik Ali presented a speech about “iPod Nation” and materialism in the United States. Ali believes that the “purpose of the media is to keep people locked into a fake world, a matrix, that destroys your health, intellectuality, morality, ethics and spirituality.”

Ali commented on the rising number of foreclosures in Southern California and the amount of debt that more and more Americans find themselves in everyday. “Debt is a form of slavery … when people are struggling for basics, it robs them of time to organize and to change their lifestyle” to focus on more important things, like belief and family.

See? It’s those damn capitalists fault. Now if we all lived in a socialist environmentally correct utopia and forsake the amenities of our technological society, we would all have the peace that Islam promises.

But Sheikh Khaled Yasin’s presentation was of note and show the misunderstanding that Muslims have about a free, open and tolerant society which Muslims claim to believe in.

He used the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist as an example of ignorance. Yasin believes that the cartoonists “didn’t understand the seriousness of what they did.

Doesn’t sound like a parent scolding its child? While in reality, it’s Islam that’s the society that never grew up into a responsible citizen of the 21st century.

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