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I love to see Muslim scholars go through intellectual contortions trying to make Islam compatible with democracy. Try and follow the logic from Dr Pervaiz Nazir, a senior research fellow at the Centre for International Studies, University of Cambridge, during a lecture on ‘The Rise of Political Religion and its Implications for Democracy’ at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST).

Right from the start, Dr. Nazir sets the argument. Muslims are victims.

A scholar of Pakistani origin, Dr Nazir said that western nations should improve their perception of Islam instead of enforcing western ideals on Muslim countries. He said the west developed its economy and governing system in a particular setting due to which the Muslim polity suffered. He urged the world to keep past differences in mind while handing down judgment on a democratic system, prevalent in the Islamic world.

Let’ see. Firts, loosely translated – Keep in mind all the terrible things you have done to my culture through history then we can have a reasoned discussion in the present. And second – a democratic system, prevalent in the Islamic world?!

What democratic system? Did I miss something?

He also said that modernity, secularism and democracy could be incorporated into religion instead of casting religion aside to adopt them.

I guess he’s never heard of the separation of church and state. But of course Islam is the perfect solution to both the obedience to Allah and a governmental system. Islam holds that political life can only function properly within the context of Islamic law. To such believers, since God’s law is universally true and beneficial to all people, any state law or action opposed to God’s law would be harmful to the citizens, and displeasing to God. Many Muslims consider the Western concept of separation of Church and State to be rebellion against God’s law.

He said that religion was a separate entity and should not be mixed with politics, but he agreed to the audience’s suggestion that Islam could not be separated from modern politics.

Huh?! I’m confused. Relgion is a seperate entity from government but Islam can not be sperarted from politics?

This shows that those who hold a fundamental view of their religion befuddles the mind and blinds them to the inconsistencies of their logic.

OK, Dr. Nazir. Which is it? Should Islam be separated from the role of government or not? You’re argument is as clear as mud.
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