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During this season of hope for peace on earth and good will towards men, Iran’s Parliament congratulated Iranian and world Christians on the birth of Jesus Christ and expressed the hope that the New Year would be a year of peace and justice in which the world people would benefit from the teachings of Jesus Christ. The speaker made the remarks while addressing an open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly here on Wednesday.

That out of the way – the But Monkey appears.

BUT – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel compared the Judeo-Christian nations as the Anti-Christ.

Stating that the world people know Jesus Christ as a symbol of peace, kindness and justice, Haddad Adel reminded, “But unfortunately, many Christian powers are standing at a point on the opposite side of Jesus Christ and are a symbol of war, oppression and animosity.

The man needs to look in the mirror for real symbols of war, oppression and animosity.

“We should pray that the western world powers become real Christians, because they are not Christians at present and are, in fact, acting against the Christ.”

Now that’s a great idea! Why doesn’t the West start acting like real Christians and defend their faith against the encouragement of a mid-evil superstitious religion instead of appeasing it and looking for ways of accommodation.

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