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Hold your cookies folks. You’re not gonna believe this one from the files of a liberal professor that doesn’t have a clue to what’s going on. You see, you’ve been working under a false assumption Mr. Kaffir.

According to a UCLA study, It’s oil, not Islam, that’s responsible for oppressed women.

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.

A new study upends the prevailing belief that women in the Middle East are oppressed because of their societies’ adherence to hard-line Islamic teachings. Far more significant in predicting how women will fare in a given country is that nation’s oil wealth.

Political science professor Michael Ross argues in a new paper (.pdf) that oil booms put more men than women into the workforce and decrease women’s political representation.

Wait a minute Professor Ross. If true that more men than women in a work force contribute to their oppression, how come we don’t see that in Western countries?

“As a result, oil-producing states are left with atypically strong patriarchal norms, laws, and political institutions,” writes Ross, a professor at the University of California Los Angeles.

Ross argues that strong oil economies put women at a disadvantage because the sectors most in need of employees, especially construction, favor men, while textile and other manufacturing industries that traditionally preferred female employees become less vital in the import-rich nations.

Gee. Could it also be that nothing of any value to the outside world except oil is produced by Islamic countries? Could that be the reason there is no demand for textile and other manufacturing industries or perhaps the men go to college and leave with a degree in religious studies instead of something marketable?

Environmental Web site Grist reported on a recent talk Ross gave at Brown University and built on his case to argue against increased oil production.

Oh, wonderful. Let’s not increase oil production. Let’s let it climb to $200-$300 a barrel. I wonder how Professor Ross intends on heating and cooling his home, buying food at reasonable prices and getting back and forth to his ivory tower teaching job at UCLA?

“The upshot: more diversified, clean-energy economies may promote gender equality in ways that direct attempts to reduce the role of religious traditions in society might not,” wrote Grist’s Nathan Wyeth. “And the bottom line: coal may be the enemy of the human race, but in developing countries, oil may specifically be the enemy of women’s empowerment.”

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