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Think Muslim women are the answer to reforming Islam? Think again. Many pundits believe that if we would only get Muslim women to demand that their shackles be removed from them, this could be one path to the reformation of the mid-evil religion of Islam.

The pundits were banking on the feeling of oppression. Don’t hold your breath.

Two and a half years after British-born Muslims carried out suicide bombings in London that killed 52 people, British authorities are worried about the growing number of Muslim youth turning their backs on mainstream British society.

Most surprising is that many second-generation daughters of South Asian immigrants are embracing a political form of Islam.

So what’s contributing to this ‘embracement’? MTV? CH4? Try again.

At the Islam Channel TV network, located in a sleek glass and steel building near London’s financial district, the reporters are mostly women — all with their heads covered. Some reveal only their eyes underneath black veils.

The network broadcasts a talk show called, “The Muslim Woman’s Dilemma.” Host Aamna Durrani wears a headscarf tightly wrapped around her head that falls into soft drapes over her shoulders.

And here we hear again that Muslims consider themselves citizens of the Ummah first, citizens of their country second.

“My allegiance to the Muslim ummah, the community, definitely has got a lot, lot stronger as a result of the war on terror. And it has made the sense of solidarity throughout the world a lot stronger — and definitely for Muslim women here in Britain. It has really made us think where our loyalties lie,” Durrani says.

Britain, you better wake up and smell the Ummah. These young Muslim women are telling you what you don’t to want to hear. They don’t feel oppressed by their religion. They are embracing it.

Here’s more proof from the very mouth of a Muslim woman. To her, this is the real oppression of Muslim women.

I find it really outrageous and inconceivable to watch this fierce campaign rallying in “defence” of “our rights”, the rights of Muslim women, such as the recent staging of the Islamo-fascist Awareness Week in USA sponsored by David Horowitz.

What disturbs and frustrates me about this impious movement is the fact that those who are holding the banner of our “liberation” are precisely the ones whose hands are dripping with our blood, the blood of Muslim women!

She means of course the blood of the Ummah. Try and get support for an Islamic reformation from that.

This shrieking and fussing calling for our liberation from the “oppression” and “dominance” of Islam; is not innocent, it’s rather sinister and disturbing dare I say.

More ‘taqiyya’.

Since its inception, Islam had been perceived by its followers as the driving force for women liberation as seen by those who understood the message. The prophet of Islam zealously condemned the mistreatment of women in the ancient Arabian culture.

He campaigned tirelessly for the rights, equality and protection of women in a society where women were not seen any thing more than a commodity for the service and pleasure of men.

It’s hard to reason with bold-faced lies. But, the bigger the lie the more it will be believed.

So don’t expect this….

when you will get that.

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