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Recently, Syrian-born British Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri, debated the Meaning of Jihad on New TV as reported by MEMRI.

It seems we infidels are grossly mistaken about the concept of terrorism – the killing of innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah. We poor deluded infidels seem to believe that there is only one kind of terrorism.

But Surprise! There are really two! But a rose by any other name will still stink the same.

Mr. Bakri starts out with the usual blather.

Interviewer: “In an interview with [the London daily] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on October 10, 2005, you described the people who carried out the 9/11 operation as ‘magnificent.’ You said that Sheikh Osama bin Laden revived the neglected duty of jihad, and that Allah will reward him for this.”

Sheikh Omar Bakri: “Yes. The duty of jihad – and in this case, I’m referring to defensive jihad – had been neglected by the Islamic nation for a long time, because of the arrogance and injustice or America and its allies against the Islamic nation, and because of their support of Israel, and what we see now in the region is the best proof of this. The 9/11 operations were a response to great acts of aggression by America – its attacks on Afghanistan, on Iraq, on Sudan, not to mention the historic Crusades from long ago, and so on.”


“They were magnificent, even though they were terrorists. The fact that they carried out a terrorist act does not prevent us from calling them ‘magnificent,’ because this is what religious scholars call ‘commendable terrorism.’

Interviewer: “You are saying that they waged jihad.”

Sheikh Omar Bakri:That’s because we have two kinds of terrorism – commendable terrorism and reprehensible terrorism. Reprehensible terrorism is an attack on women, children, the peaceful, and the innocent.”

Interviewer: “So how do you explain the 9/11 operations, in which innocent people were killed, while a Koranic verse says: ‘Whoever slays a soul, it is as though he slew all men.'”

Sheikh Omar Bakri: “Yes, but that verse refers to killing in general.’Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except when required by justice.’ In other words, a Muslim carry out certain religious duties, so when he attacks the enemy attacked on its own land, some innocent people might consequently die, but they are not killed intentionally. This happened in the Bani Al-Nazir raid, and in many other raids in the days of the Prophet Muhammad. When they violated the agreement with him, the Prophet said: ‘We conspired against them, and harmed their women and children.’

Interviewer: “But, to a certain extent, you are justifying the killing of innocent people.”

Sheikh Omar Bakri: “Killing innocent people is forbidden in Islam. But who is innocent – that is another question.”

And that’s the rub. Are there really any innocent infidels?

View the entire clip here.

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