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This is what passes as news analysis at the Times of India. An article titled “How did Kafeel turn into a terrorist” seeks to explains how Kafeel Ahmed, the Indian engineer who suffered 90 per cent burns after driving the blazing jeep into the Glasgow airport terminal on June 30, “a religious, quiet and academically brilliant man turn into a terrorist”.

Here’s the Times in depth analysis.

According to the investigators, this is how it happened – Kafeel’s life took a major turn after he left for the UK in 2001 for higher studies.

Higher studies in what? A Masters Degree in Engineering or a Masters in Jihad. The article doesn’t say.

Between 2001 and 2006 December, Kafeel was shuttling between Bangalore and the UK. During every visit to Bangalore, there was a visible change in him. His friends and family had noticed the change, but failed to recognise the future consequences.

Shuttling back and forth? Doesn’t sound like he applied much attention to his ‘higher degree’. And of course, family and friends are ALWAYS the last to know when a family member or close friend blows himself up.

So how did Kafeel come to such a fate? What drove him to seek the ultimate reward for killing infidels? Here’s the time line the Times proposes as the process of radicalization of Kafeel.

2001: A clean shaven 22-year-old Kafeel leaves Bangalore for the UK

2002: He comes to Bangalore with a French beard. His friends tease him, for which he says, “Just for a change”

2003: He visits Bangalore again and this time he has grown full beard. He is very vocal. He speaks about the Iraq war, Afghan war and the Chechnya conflict. He tells everyone, including his friends, “Muslims are being ill-treated across the world by others. There should be no border barriers among Muslims. All Muslims across the world should unite and fight against the injustice. We should shun all un-Islamic practices. We should take up mass conversions”

There it is folks. The bottom line reason according to the Times in depth analysis of why good, upstanding, intelligent, religious Muslims blow themselves up – it’s the beard!!

Just in case, the Times goes on with the usual Leftist tripe of possible motivations besides the beard.

Major events which turned Kafeel’s mind were – the war on Afghanistan in 2002 by the US and UK; the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to remove Saddam Hussein; the decade-old Chechnya conflict …

Blah, blah, blah blah…

I wonder if the Times research discovered that he might, just might, have attended some radical mosque or madrassa while in Bangalore that could shed some light on his mysterious conversion to Jihadism.


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