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In a response to an Insight Magazine article on a new project by the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) called Mapping Shari’a in America, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations and “unindicted co-conspirator” in a plot to fund the terrorist group Hamas) called SANE a ‘hate group” and accused them of advocating “adherence to Islam” be punishable by 20 years in prison.

If you read the Insight article you will see that nothing is further from the truth. CAIR is blatantly lying and spewing propaganda now that there is a project in the works that will reveal the rue nature of the Islamist infiltration – which CAIR supports – of many of the mosques in North America.

But before we get to disproving the lie, if you listened to the Gathering Storm Radio Show last week, we had David Yerushalmi, SANE President and Founder, as a guest. He made it very clear that SANE was NOT against the religion of Islam but the socio-political arm of the ideology called Islamism – Shari’a Law. Yerushalmi made two very important points.

First, if Muslims personally practice just the 5 pillars of Islam, there is no threat of Islam to the non-Muslims and moderate Muslim world. None of the 5 pillars of Islam demands that Muslim adhere to Shari’a Law. From the SANE response to CAIR.

“Shari’a” shall be defined as any set of rules, precepts, instructions, or edicts which emanate directly or indirectly from the god of Allah or the prophet Mohammed and which include directly or indirectly the encouragement of any person to support in any way the abrogation, destruction, or violation of the US Constitution or the destruction of the national existence of the United States of America. Any rule, precept, instruction, or edict arising from the extant rulings of any of the five authoritative schools of Islamic jurisprudence (the Hanafi, the Maliki, the Shafi’i, the Hanbali, or the Ja’afariya school or fiqh) are prima facie Shari’a without any further evidentiary showing.

So, did SANE say that “adherence to Islam” be punishable by 20 years in prison?

CAIR found SANE’s SANE Immigration Proposal, which calls for the outlawing of “Adherence to Islam”, outrageous. the definition of “Adherence to Islam” is defined carefully as follows:

“Adherence to Islam” shall be defined as any act, including any written or oral declaration, in support of Shari’a or in furtherance of the imposition of Shari’a within any territory of the United States of America. “Territory of the United States of America” shall be defined as any territory under the civilian or military control or governance of personnel acting for and on behalf of the US Government.

It’s not Islam that SANE is warning us about, but the ideology of Islamism which had as it’s final objective the imposition of Shari’a on the world. It’s the adherence to Islamism that should carry the penalty of 20 years in prison. But of course, CAIR sees no distinction between Islam and Islamism because that’s what they support.

Now, if CAIR wants to take the position that Islamic Law or Shari’a does not in any way seek to establish a worldwide Caliphate and that all of the legal decisions by the major Islamic schools of thought are simply false, we would be more than happy to challenge them to a debate.

But first, in order to prove their bona fides, we would ask them to go to Saudi Arabia or Islamabad or Beirut or Baghdad or Amman or Cairo and stand in the public square and begin announcing that Islamic Law rejects the political ideology that the world must submit to the will of Allah via adherence to Shari’a. Once they have done that, we will have won the debate by default for they would have been slaughtered on the spot by the Shari’a faithful who would murder them for being infidels.

Sounds like a good way to me to settle the debate one way or the other.

So what does CAIR really ‘care’ about? Is it the slaughter going on in Gaza? Or perhaps the Fort Dix Six or the plot to blow up JKF? If you look at their recent press releases you will get a clue.

Ohio Governor Speaks at CAIR Banquet
CAIR-CAN Calls on Government to Scrap No-Fly List
Sold-Out CAIR-MN Banquet a Success
CAIR-CA Co-Sponsors Lecture: Less Safe, Less Free
CAIR-NY: Muslims Urged to Support Relay for Life
CAIR: Citizenship Delays Were Top Issue for U.S. Muslims in 2006 – Report
CAIR to Release Report on U.S. Muslim Civil Rights
CAIR-CA to Co-Sponsor ‘Growing Up X’ Book Signing
CAIR-MO to Co-Sponsor Community Civil Rights Forum

CAIR’s agenda if quite clear and their attack on SANE shows where their hearts and minds really lie – supporting the Islamafication of America.

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