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The liberal mind can’t seem to prioritize reality. Their attempts at seeing everything as being relative prevents them from seeing one threat being worse than another. It explains why to liberals, global warming, free healthcare, and poverty are equal or worse than the threat from Islamo-fascism.

So what IS the greatest threat to Western Civilization according to one blogger?

The concern on the right about the Muslim threat to Europe, overlooks the inconvenient truth that in the UK out-of-control youths – most of them white and ‘Christian’ – are responsible for a lot of the vandalism and violence. The threat to ‘civilization’ isn’t coming from Muslims of Asian origin. It’s coming in part from a resurgence of British yob culture, fueled to some degree by xenophobic nationalism. It would be pushing it to overplay the link between yob culture and the far right. Many of these kids are just acting out for the sheer hell of it – but a percentage are racist and anti-immigrant.

So, he sees the growing response to the Islamafication of Europe by ‘Christian’ thugs as a threat to the very civilization they wish to defend. Now, I’m not defending thuggery by any group but when the leadership of a country continues to ignore attempts by Islamists to impose Islamic law upon non-Islamic countries and allow the slow erosion of Western values and culture by committing national suicide, there will be groups of people who will one day take matters into their own hands.

In a recent survey of Muslim youth cited in the Guardian 31% said they felt “completely” British, 27% said they felt “a lot” British. A great many British youths of Muslim background do indeed see themselves as Brits and their gang activity is more often than not a response to neighborhood threats, or at least the perception of threat.

31% Completely? 27% a lot? Wanna take bets on how many of the Christian youth see themselves as British? And is the threat from Christian gang youth or is it really a threat to their attempt at Islamatizing the UK community.

Manzoor Moghal, of the Federation of Muslim Organizations, takes the view that British born Muslim youths have assimilated the worst of British culture. A BBC news report quotes him as saying – “They are following the norms of the youth culture of this country. Then because they come from a different racial group things do tend to acquire a racial complexion.”

What? What norms? Getting back to British born yobs. They have no problem assimilating. Oh, and what about the Islamic influence?

Great care needs to be taken when attempting to brand Muslim youth violence as Islamist inspired. A lot of these young guys are “Muslim” in name only. Many of them couldn’t quote from the Qur’an if their life depended on it. To try and classify them as Islamist sympathizers is absurd. To even get to first base as an Islamist you have to at least know the rudiments of Islamic teachings.

So to be an Islamist you need to quote the Koran. That’s rich. Al you need is some radical imam to quote it to you. And where does he think they pick up these rudiments of Islamic teachings?

And then he trots out that old liberal standby for why we have unhappy people.

The recent rioting in France was immediately pegged by some right wing pundits as a form of European jihad. This is way off base also. The riots were triggered by factors relating to discrimination, unemployment and a sense of hopelessness.

I and others have written about this troublesome future for Europe. If the European leadership does not face up to the threat to Western Civilization and ACT, the choice just may well be one between Islamo-fascism and the neo-fascism, or yobs, that the blogger wrote about.

So according to his post there is a reason for Muslim violence in the UK and it has nothing to do with ideological beliefs.

Ironically, a lot of the Muslim youth violence that right wingers like to pretend is Islamist inspired, often comes down to Muslim youths imitating the yob culture they find around them in UK cities. Who can blame them? If I was a young Muslim encountering gangs of local yobs I would get together with my buddies and fight back. Isn’t that human nature?

Yep. Muslim violence in the UK is just some local street gangs imitating yobs. So you see, the Islamic threat is solved! Stop the Christian UK youth from rumbling in the jungle and all will be at peace with Muslims in the UK.

Don’t laugh. That will be the exact response from the political leadership when civil war breaks out in Europe between the Muslim and non-Muslim populations.

It will be the non-Muslim’s fault.

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